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How Coraggio's strategic guidance, helped this financial services firm take a holistic business approach

Credit Reboot assists clients removing their debt anchors by using in-house software compliance to leverage a discounted debt with creditors as well as interest-free payments to pay off their debts once and for all!

Reasons for choosing Coraggio

Laurence, the Director of Credit Reboot has worked with Coraggio in the past acknowledging the importance of networking with like-minded people working beside you. Therefore, he decided to engage with Coraggio realising the importance of having conversations with people who understand similar businesses and leverage areas of expertise from each other by networking with fellow members.

How we use Coraggio

Everyone always benefits more from having a personalised connection with someone they trust. Being able to connect closely with lawyers, accountants and other business owners alike, projects relationships to harness a more honest outlook of how things are done. Coraggio has supported Credit Reboot facilitating a network that leverages a national business circle.

The verdict

3 reasons why I value Coraggio:

  1. Access to an executive community
  2. Opportunity to scale our business and assist others
  3. Expert positioning

Financial Services

Company size

> 20


Located nationally with two offices running out of Brisbane and Sydney

Key outcomes as a result of being with Coraggio

  • Understanding gaps in our own market that need to be filled
  • Building a portfolio of networks
  • Facilitating new staff members within the organisation to see the importance of owning a business
  • Fast tracking ideas by leveraging others experiences
  • Ability to scale and build the business to eventually sell
Laurence Barlow

Laurence Barlow
Company Director, Credit Reboot

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