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As we dive deeper into 2021, we are presented with a similar set of challenges that we faced throughout the surreal year that was 2020. Although now, we are equipped with the knowledge and experience required to triumph, prosper and flourish. This is the silver lining! One clear trait that has radiated through all who have thrived in the past twelve months is adaptation, flexibility and resilience.

Resilience manifests itself in unique ways in times of adversity. Coraggio has identified three key take-home messages which successful businesses displayed resilience and demonstrated throughout the early stages of 2021. Following significant research, these are the lessons learnt we wish to share:

1. Position your customers at the centre of your business to improve your market offering

Businesses have grown simply by considering the need of their existing and potential customers simply by using tools to collate customers feedback and generate greater customer satisfaction.

Coraggio shares the benefits of a company that acknowledges the opinions of their clients takes them on the journey and taps into their loyalty and buy-in, particularly if you are operating in a highly competitive space.

For example, it wasn’t too long ago businesses focussed purely on the quality of their product or service they deliver. Now it is more about the customer’s experience. The new reality is, customers are aligning their loyalty with companies due to the experience they receive.

And, the silver lining, is a good customer experience means they will spend more or stay longer or provide repeat business and referrals. So here’s the Coraggio kicker – resilience is your determination to want your clients to have a positive experience, and to facilitate this, you have to invest in that experience.

Click for some great customer feedback tools for your consideration.

2. Mitigate stress by managing time more effectively

Few would argue 2020 was historically one of the most stressful years in modern history due to COVID and therefore it has never been more pertinent to manage time more effectively.

The silver lining is the pandemic has provided a platform for companies to improve management systems, operational efficiencies and customisation of their programs. Additionally, with adequate stress management, businesses will benefit from fewer sick days, increased productivity, heightened staff morale and lower employee turnover.

It can be lonely at the top running a business, and in the midst of a global health crisis striving to run a profitable business can be challenging, however Coraggio advocates stress management is good for both the business owner and employees.

3. Create strong networks of support for employees, customers, stakeholders, clients & constituents

Let’s face it, it is far easier to maintain resilience through tough times with a strong support network to maintain momentum.

As cited it can be lonely at the top, with the burden of decisions and mitigating risks and, to do so you need a strong, stoic and reliable support network offering you unbiased, knowledgeable advice.

Coraggio is a community of highly effective accomplished private business owners who share, learn and grow throughout various stages of their company’s life cycle leveraging peer-to-peer mentoring and collaboration.

This give and take dynamic drives business growth for those seeking to surround themselves with like-minded business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Imagine gaining resilience and complete peace of mind by seamlessly accessing all the right answers
& navigate business challenges as they rise?

Coraggio offers potential members and prospects the opportunity to future proof their business by gaining both greater perspective and personal achievement leveraging the Coraggio sustainable competitive edge!

Afterall, leadership mentoring is a proven method for developing the best leaders for tomorrow.

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