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Coraggio Members and Business owners benefit from Independent financial advice

One of the most common reasons businesses fold is due to lack of funds and running out of money, which doesn’t necessarily mean they didn’t have enough customers or clients, however their expenses exceeded their revenue.

To that end, every Coraggio Advisory Board has an appointed accountant to analyse Member’s companies’ profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow projections on a monthly basis.

Coraggio’s highlights what every business owner needs to know to navigate their business finances.

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This article highlights four essential tips what every business owner needs to know to navigate their business finances.

  • What can business owners do to manage their cash flow better?
  • What would you say are typical misconceptions or mistakes business owners make preparing their financials?
  • What would be the number 1 issue business owners could do to reduce tax in a new financial year?
  • How much revenue does a business owner require to break even.
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