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How Coraggio's strategic guidance, helped this commercial cleaning company take a holistic business approach

Crown Property Services’ vision is to be bold, trusted pioneers in Australia’s cleaning industry, caring for our clients – and their customers ensuring they experience calm and healthy environments. Cleaning that is good today, great tomorrow, and even better the next.

We uphold the highest cleaning standards, enabling our cleaning to ‘evolve’ over time.

We’re the only cleaning service in Melbourne and Australia with a learning methodology around cleaning that provides feedback and improves our cleaning over time. It’s called Evolve, our continuous improvement system designed to ENGAGE with you, EVALUATE your needs, and EXECUTE your requirements, meaning when you engage us you get an evolving and improving cleaning service.

Reasons for choosing Coraggio

Why have one business mentor when you can have 10 that collectively supports you and holds you accountable.

How we use Coraggio

It is through the actual members that support is provided by challenging my assumptions and decision making, whilst providing invaluable mentoring and experiences, unbiased advice regarding difficult business situations.

The verdict

5 reasons why I value Coraggio:

  • I enjoy sharing my experiences, my wins, my lessons learnt, and receiving inspiration from my fellow team
  • I listen and learn to others successes, both personal as well as business achievements which is motivating
  • It forces you to step away from your business for one full day a month and learn, grow, be inspired, and challenged to work on your business driving sustainable growth
  • It’s great to share both personal and business wins and learnings
  • In addition to being a sounding-board avenue, my advisory board members keep me accountable every month and focussed on the critical business issues.

Complex Cleaning made easy

Company size
50 – 100

National clients with Head Office in Melbourne, Victoria

Key outcomes

  • Business Growth
  • Accountability
  • Like-minded business owners
  • Mentorship
  • Inspiration to grow
  • Challenging the status quo
  • Support to take risks in the right direction
  • Decisions made easy in tough situations

George Younan
Managing Director, Crown Property Services 

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