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How Coraggio's peer-to-peer collaboration, helped this cleaning company take a holistic business approach

We believe no matter how you observe the world around you, we are all responsible for its state. The only way we can create change for the better is through collaboration on objective focused outcomes. Our business aims to make it easy for businesses to maintain a high hygiene standard and incorporate cleaning into their daily operations. We deliver services, products and solutions which play a critical role in all we believe in and most importantly to ensure we maintain a ‘World Kept Well’.

Services our business offers incorporate:


  1. Covid-19 compliance
  2. Internal QA Support
  3. WHS/EMS/QMS documentation and implementation
  4. Project roll outs
  5. Large scale operational concerns
  6. Hygiene management
  7. Business unit expansion

Asset Maintenance and Management

  1. Graffiti removal and surface treatment
  2. Consolidation, cost reduction and usage of chemicals
  3. Stainless steel and glass nano coating and permanent coating
  4. Solar Panel Cleaning

On site first respondents for Emergency Response Assistance

Reasons for choosing Coraggio

I value what Coraggio upholds and lives out. It is more than just an advisory service – I believe it is family. From the initial introductory board through to being a Coraggio Advisory Board Member, you are surrounded by professionals who have your best intentions at heart. Not to mention the Chair person of your board, who month in month out genuinely cares about your progression to ensure you achieve the most of what Coraggio has to offer.

How does Coraggio support your business?

Coraggio facilitates an environment to be surrounded by genuine and supportive business professionals. I have the opportunity to constantly be around individuals in businesses and corporations in a safe environment and who have been in my position in life to share any concerns and assist others on their journey.

The verdict

5 reasons why I value Coraggio:

  • Safe environment for learning, sharing and growing
  • Family first environment
  • Community of professionals
  • On-going support
  • Accountability

The Cleaning Industry

Company size
20-50 Employees


Norwest Business Park, NSW

Key outcomes

  • Increased revenue
  • A truly effective business operation
  • Genuine network or industry-leading peers
  • Surrounded by caring professionals
Elie Wehbe Headshot

Elie Wehbe
Founder & Managing Director

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