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Campbell MacKintosh Melbourne Chair

What is it about Coraggio’s market offering do you think appeals most to people considering becoming a member?

“What appeals most to our members is that they are provide with fearless and objective advice, which is coming not only from the members of the Board but also from the Chair, the accountant, and the commercial lawyer.

That gives them an idea what they must do within their business to achieve growth”.

What is the moment in your career that you are most proud of?

“The moment of my career that I am most proud about is when I decided to move from corporate to small business, making that leap of faith and trusting my ability to run a business.”

What business advice would you share with yourself 10 years ago if given the opportunity?

“If I was looking back, what I have learnt in the last 10 years, it is probably that I needed to work more on my business, and less in my business.

It comes around de cluttering your day, so you have time working on your business. It is so important!”

Do you think there is a certain character trait to cultivate success in business and in life?

  1. Passion – People must have passion running their business
  2. Vision – You must have a vision, where you are going with your business and what do you want to do with your business in terms of growth
  3. Persistence – You must be absolutely persistence and determined to achieve that vision.

Kindly share what success habits have served you well?

You need to understand your business, customers, competitors, an understand your key financial numbers and must have a 3–5-year strategic plan, so you know where you are taking your business.

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