How Coraggio gave this agricultural company, strategic business advice to improve their turnover

We started out farming in 1999 growing lettuce, herbs and Asian veggies in a hydroponic system as this company. We now have Fruit & Vegetable stores in Tamworth and wholesale supply to cafes, restaurants, pubs, clubs. nursing homes and schools in North West NSW.  We have moved the retail stores more to a Gourmet Grocer concept with Deli and fresh seafood beginning this month. We still grow produce for our stores. This years turnover will be $6.5 million.

Reasons for choosing Coraggio

I joined Coraggio in 2012 needing business advice from experienced business owners.  I got so much more with the board of other business owners all having experienced similar problems as well as the guest speakers we have each month, an experienced chairperson as well as a further network of other Coraggio members for advice if needed.

How we use Coraggio

I use other members as a sounding board quite often.  They don’t hold back on frank advice and often see things from a different perspective or pick up on things I may have missed or under/over estimated. Given the makeup of each board there is plenty of specialist advisers available from HR, accountants, lawyers or IT.

The verdict

5 reasons why I love Coraggio:

  • Business advice
  • Business education
  • Support
  • The feeling of having The Board onside for advice when pushing my business hard
  • Goal setting and accountability

90 seconds interview


Company size
20-50 Employees

North West NSW

Key outcomes
Business growth

Business security

Better Planning

Family financial security

Personal health

Brendon North
CEO and owner of Paradise Fresh/Farmer Bobs

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