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How Coraggio gave this Bookkeeping firm strategic support

Trudi’s business focus isn’t that of your ‘traditional’ bookkeeper i.e. a bookkeeper who attends to a client site once a week or once a month. They provide a full end-to-end service that delivers clients with a customised finance department for their accounting needs. This model ensures their clients focus on doing what they do best – attending to their business!

Reasons for choosing Coraggio

Coraggio MAKES you accountable. When you are the boss, you are limited especially if you are looking for growth.

How we use Coraggio

As a business owner, it is important to find time to stop and think, be a helicopter. Coraggio allows you to do this. Also, being surrounded by other entrepreneurs & business owners you get to learn from them.

The verdict

5 reasons why I love Coraggio:

  • Meet other inspiring entrepreneurs
  • Being challenged
  • Gain ideas
  • Get to work “on” the business
  • You find the find courage to make/do what you think was only a dream.


Company size
20-50 Employees

St Leonards, Sydney

Key outcomes

  • Growth
  • Being inspired
  • Learn from others
  • Being challenged & sit outside my comfort zone
  • Have support from others in the business
Trudi Yip with icecream
Trudy Yip
Managing Director (& Chief Inspirationalist!)

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