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The science of personal branding presented by Emily Kucukalic (Online)

The business of being you – the science of personal branding presented by Emily Kucukalic (Online)

Whether you recognise it or not, you have a personal brand. When you Google yourself, what pops up?

These results are the first impressions people acquire of you. Is it a good one?

Is the information you are sharing across LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media sites consistent?

Whether you have a date or a job interview, chances are someone is likely to Google you to learn more about who you are.

The question is, do you want to allow your online reputation to take on a life of its own or would you prefer to control the narrative?

With the proliferation of social media and the gig economy, it has become essential for everyone to embrace personal branding.

We are delighted to extend you a complimentary invitation to join us to hear firsthand how Coraggio can expand and future proof your business, followed by an exclusive keynote speaker session with the Founder & Managing Director of Brand New You Group, Emily Kucukalic.

Opened by Coraggio’s CEO, Richard Skarzynski, who will discuss how being part of a Coraggio peer to peer Advisory Board provides a sustainable solution to navigate your business effectively throughout 2021 and beyond.

Followed by Emily Kucukalic who will provide insights into:

  • Understanding the importance and value of your personal brand within your business
  • How personal brands impact the way you serve your clients
  • The science of branding and how to apply to your business.

About Emily Kucukalic

Founder & Managing Director, Brand New You Group

Emily Kucukalic is the Managing Director of the Brand New You Group, founded in 2009. Brand New You (BNY) delivers personal branding programs to world leading companies, including more than 35% of the ASX 50 are clients.

In 2017, Brand New You won an Australian Marketing Institute Award for Excellence recognising a program delivered for the Westpac Group. In addition, BNY’s program formed a key part of Johnson & Johnson’s leadership program that won the Australian HR award for Best Leadership Development Program in 2015. They have received an NPS of +97 from the Westpac Group.

For more than a decade, Emily has built a reputation as an entertaining and insightful speaker on personal branding, building personal presence and business development. Emily’s fundamental belief is that people buy from people, not organisations and people work for people, not organisations.

Prior to founding Brand New You, Emily was the Group Head of Brand and External Relations at AGL Energy and member of their Executive Team. Before joining AGL, she was the Director of Marketing and Communications for EDS across Asia Pacific including Japan, China and India.

About Richard Skarzynski

Chief Executive Officer, Coraggio

Richard is a leader committed to delivering significant value, enabling business owners and entrepreneurs to future proof their business. He has been a Chair of Coraggio for more than six years and the CEO since 2017.

What is Coraggio?

Coraggio brings together Australian private business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs in a secure and confidential boardroom environment to challenge assumptions, discuss new ideas, discover next steps and share concerns with neutral parties committed and accountable to one another.

Coraggio Members gather at their monthly Advisory Board and collectively with their fellow group of peer members from diverse industry sectors, work with their Chair, a lawyer and an accountant to tangibly drive business success.

Pre meeting requirements

Seating is limited to this complimentary session, aimed specifically at established business owners and entrepreneurs. Following your registration, you will be contacted by Brook Hawkesford from Coraggio’s Advisory Team with further details for this online event.

Who should attend?

– Businesses turning over a minimum of $500K

– Established business owners, business leaders and entrepreneurs

– Businesses seeking to scale or sell.

To find out more about this online event and the eligibility criteria please contact Brook Hawkesford on 0419 581 672 or email brook@coraggio.com.au


Date: Friday 11 June 2021

Time: 9:30AM to 12:30PM

Seating for this online event is limited so we encourage you to RSVP before 9:00AM on Wednesday, 9 June.