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Strategic MOJO- Inside the mind of a great strategist with Gary Bertwistle


Dexus Place Brisbane

Waterfront Place, Brisbane City, QLD 4000

Brisbane City, QLD, AU, 4000

Speaker Session – Strategic MOJO- Inside the mind of a great strategist with Gary Bertwistle

About the Speaker

Gary Bertwistle has always had a passion for innovation, creativity and doing things differently.

His career has spanned the retail, music, media, corporate education and radio industries. Gary’s greatest desire comes from having people and organisations think differently to find new ways of doing things.… to break status quo and redesign the traditional formula.

As a thought leader in innovation and creativity, Gary has helped companies, teams and individuals in companies of all sizes, in all industries and categories, to look at how they currently do things and address what needs to change in order for them to think differently and maximise their potential. He is often called upon when companies or individuals lose their mojo.

Through easy to understand, fun, interactive keynote speeches, he presents to a wide variety of clients in the areas of performance, creative thinking, mojo, marketing warfare and innovation to improve performance and help individuals be at their best. He has built his reputation helping companies and leaders unlock great ideas to get their mojo working.

Gary’s portfolio of work. –

• Opened Australia’s first ever creative thinking venue, The Ideas Vault, in Sydney

• Won the TEC Speaker of the Year in 2007, 2008 and again in 2012

• Hosts the successful podcast series on iTunes and iHeart Radio, The Mojo Radio Show

• Published 6 books including the best sellers: Who Stole My Mojo? and The Vibe

• Publishes a weekly blog for thinkers called The Espresso

• Co-founded Australia’s leading cycling foundation, the Tour de Cure which since 2007 has raised over $30 million for research, support and prevention of cancer

• Successfully launched a Kick-starter campaign for The MOJO Journal, the worlds first thought provoking journal.

• Australian of Year finalist 2018

• Deputy Captain Rural Fire Service