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Navigating your business through social media presented by John Kapos


Sydney CBD

Sydney CBD, Sydney, NSW 2000

Sydney, NSW, AU, 2000

Navigating your business through social media presented by John Kapos

The importance of social media marketing has never been greater. Considering the world is going digital, it makes sense that social media has become the go-to place for brands and businesses.

Social media and its related tools offer a variety of organic and advertising options when communicating with a customer. The possibilities and advantages are numerous.

As more and more businesses recognise the importance of digital marketing, the social landscape is reaching a saturation point. This presents a unique challenge to generate visibility to the right people at the right time.

We are delighted to extend you a complimentary invitation to join us to hear first hand how Coraggio can expand and future proof your business, followed by an upfront and personal keynote speaker session with the Owner of Perfection Chocolates, John Kapos.

Opened by Coraggio’s CEO, Richard Skarzynski, who will discuss how being part of a Coraggio peer to peer Advisory Board provides a sustainable solution to navigate your business effectively throughout 2021 and beyond.

John Kapos will provide insights into:

  • Short form video is on the rise
  • How live streaming brings authenticity
  • The importance of being raw and real
  • Establishing relationships to build trust and your business.

About John Kapos

Owner of Perfection Chocolates

John Kapos is a 3rd generation LIVE streaming, social media, chocolatier and CEO of his family business Perfection Chocolates established in 1939.

John is also an international speaker and has transformed his family business to a global brand using digital marketing and all aspects of social media.

Hailing from Sydney, he was an early adopter of the online world. John is constantly keeping up with the latest trends and developments in social media and possesses the knowledge to convert that into business success.

John teaches, guides and educates small business owners, corporate companies and entrepreneurs who need to expand, innovate and stand out from the crowd leveraging all social media platforms.

With thousands of followers on multiple channels and millions of views, John is excited to demonstrate ways he has executed social media and looking forward to sharing his journey with you.

About Richard Skarzynski

Chief Executive Officer, Coraggio

Richard is a leader committed to delivering significant value, enabling business owners and entrepreneurs to future proof their business. He has been a Chair of Coraggio for more than six years and the CEO since 2017.

What is Coraggio?

Coraggio brings together Australian private business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs in a secure and confidential boardroom environment to challenge assumptions, discuss new ideas, discover next steps and share concerns with neutral parties committed and accountable to one another.

Coraggio Members gather at their monthly Advisory Board and collectively with their fellow group of peer members from diverse industry sectors, work with their Chair, a lawyer and an accountant to tangibly drive business success.

Pre meeting requirements

Seating is limited to this complimentary session, aimed specifically at established business owners and entrepreneurs. Following your registration, you will be contacted by Louise McKeon from Coraggio’s Advisory Team.

Who should attend?

– Businesses turning over a minimum of $500K

– Established business owners, business leaders and entrepreneurs

– Businesses seeking to scale or sell.

To find out more about this event and the eligibility criteria please contact Louise McKeon on 0409 926 028 or email louise@coraggio.com.au


Date: Thursday 17 June 2021

Venue: Sydney CBD, NSW 2000

Arrive: 9:00AM (9:30AM start) to 12:30PM

Morning tea will be served at 11:00AM. Food and beverages are individually packaged according to the guidelines and physical distancing measures as per Government regulations.