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Business Reimagined with Morris Miselowski


August 13


09:30 am - 12:30 pm

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Website: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/o/coraggio-29244076537

Bourke Street

Bourke Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000

Melbourne, VIC, AU, 3000

Business Reimagined with Morris Miselowski

The past 18 months have been a watershed for humanity, as collectively, we’ve been forced to react with uncertainty to the relentless necessity to evolve life, love and business.

To weather the global storm, the impossible had to become immediately possible, as we hurriedly cobbled together new temporary practices, technologies and business engagement protocols.

We are delighted to extend a complimentary invitation to join us to hear first hand how Coraggio can expand and future proof your business followed by an upfront and personal keynote speaker session with Business Futurist and Foresight Strategist, Morris Miselowski, at Coraggio’s next Advisory Board Day in Melbourne on Friday, 13 August.

Opened by Coraggio’s CEO, Richard Skarzynski, who will discuss how being a part of a Coraggio peer to peer Advisory Board provides a sustainable solution to navigate your business effectively throughout 2021 and beyond.

Followed by Morris Miselowski who will share his insights to learn from your past, review your present, explore the many new post COVID possibilities and actively choose your best future, by asking:

  • Is your business future proof?
  • What’s on the innovation and business horizon that you can take advantage of?
  • What do tomorrow’s clients want and need from you?
  • What alternate business models, methods and practices may be available?
  • What is the role of your human workforce when technology has just proven it can do so much more than you thought?
  • What do you do right now, to ensure you are relevant and profitable beyond tomorrow?

About Morris Miselowski

Business Futurist and Foresight Strategist

Morris Miselowski unleashes possibilities for businesses by breaking with convention.

For more than 30 years he’s influenced the thinking of some of the world’s largest organisations and leading brands to see what tomorrow might look like – long before it ensues.

Morris has also shared his practical foresights across the global stage and international media outlets and is recognised for his energy, depth-of-knowledge and foresight.

A hell-raiser to the core, Morris is known to hurl metaphorical hand-grenades into rooms to encourage companies to unshackle from legacy systems and stuck-in-the past thinking.

He’s become a trusted authority worldwide as a result of his devotion to industry-specific research. Morris is passionate regarding reaching deep inside a business and examining what lies at its core and through this lens, He is able to make the impossible, seem possible.

Amongst futurists he has a reputation for being the ‘real deal,’ which has earnt him a position in the Einstein 100 Genius (G100) community and a Fellowship with Griffith University.

About Richard Skarzynski

Chief Executive Officer, Coraggio

Richard is a leader committed to delivering significant value, enabling business owners and entrepreneurs to future proof their business. He has been a Chair of Coraggio for more than six years and the CEO since 2017.

What is Coraggio?

Coraggio brings together Australian private business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs in a secure and confidential boardroom environment to challenge assumptions, discuss new ideas, discover next steps and share concerns with neutral parties committed and accountable to one another.

Coraggio Members gather at their monthly Advisory Board and collectively with their fellow group of peer members from diverse industry sectors, work with their Chair, a lawyer, and an accountant to tangibly drive business success.

Pre meeting requirements

Seating is limited to this complimentary session, aimed specifically at established business owners and entrepreneurs. Following your registration, you will be contacted by Brook Hawkesford from Coraggio’s Advisory Team.

Who should attend?

  • Businesses turning over a minimum of $500K
  • Established business owners, business leaders and entrepreneurs
  • Businesses seeking to scale or sell.

To find out more about this event and the eligibility criteria please contact Brook Hawkesford on 0419 581 672 or email brook@coraggio.com.au


Date: Friday 13 August 2021

Venue: Bourke Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000

Arrive: 9:00AM (9:30AM start) to 12:30PM

Morning tea will be served at 11:00AM. Food and beverages are individually packaged according to the guidelines and physical distancing measures as per Government regulations.