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A real Coraggio member story – going from good to great with Brendon North


Dexus Place Brisbane

Waterfront Place, Brisbane City, QLD 4000

Brisbane City, QLD, AU, 4000

A real Coraggio member story – going from good to great with Brendon North

Are you seeking greater momentum for your business?

Do you find yourself wondering why other businesses run more seamlessly and profitable?

Imagine being an integral member of an exclusive group of business owners sharing their insights and experiences for the benefit of your business.

We are delighted to extend a complimentary invitation to join us to hear first-hand how Coraggio can expand and future-proof your business followed by an upfront and personal keynote speaker session with Coraggio’s member, Brendon North.

Opened by our CEO, Richard Skarzynski, we will discuss how being a part of a Coraggio peer-to-peer Advisory Board provides a solution to navigate your business successfully and sustainably into 2021.

Followed by Brendon North who will share his personal journey with Coraggio, highlighting the following:

• Know your customer

• Power behind an Advisory Board

• Benefits of peer experience

• Take time to think

• Understanding resilience

• Managing staff

• Know your margins and stay on top of your numbers.

About Brendan North:

CEO, Paradise Fresh.

Brendon and Vicki North commenced farming in 1999 growing lettuce, herbs and Asian vegetables in a hydroponic system and selling this produce at their store in Tamworth, NSW.

They have now multiple stores in Tamworth, providing wholesale supply to cafes, restaurants, pubs, clubs, nursing homes and schools in North West NSW.

Additionally, Paradise Fresh has diversified their gourmet grocer concept to include deli products and fresh seafood.

Brendon’s latest initiative was identifying with his family what they would like to do together forming their bucket list.

About Richard Skarzynski:

Chief Executive Officer, Coraggio

Richard is a leader committed to delivering significant value, enabling business owners and entrepreneurs to future proof their business. He has been a Chair of Coraggio for more than five years and the CEO since 2017.

What is Coraggio?

Coraggio brings together Australian private business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs in a secure and confidential boardroom environment (online and face-to-face) to challenge new ideas, discover next steps and share concerns with neutral parties who are committed and accountable to one another.

Coraggio Members gather at their monthly Advisory Board and work with their Chair, a lawyer, and an accountant along with their fellow group of peer mentors from diverse industry sectors tangibly driving business success.


Date: Friday 27 November 2020

Venue: Dexus Place, Level 31, 1 Eagle Street, Brisbane QLD 4000

Arrive: 9:30AM (10:00AM start) to 1:00 PM

All guidelines and physical distancing measures are being followed as per Government regulations.

Pre-meeting requirements

Coraggio facilitates monthly collaborative working environments for more than 400 businesses nationally, attended by some of the best industry leaders and business minds.

Seating is limited to this complimentary session aimed specifically at business owners and entrepreneurs. Following your registration, you will be contacted by Simone Dunlop from our Coraggio Advisory Team.

To find out more please call Simone Dunlop on 0406 222 361 or email simone@coraggio.com.au

RSVP by Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Wishing you all the very best and good health! We look forward to meeting you there.