Steve White

Coraggio Chair Steve White
Chairs in Sydney

Steve White spent 20 years as an Investment Banker, working for significant international banks such as HSBC, Barclays and Rothschild with experience in the USA, Japan and Singapore, where he leads teams in the capital markets, covering Foreign Exchange and Commodities markets. Moving from banking, he then stepped into private business as the General Manager of a significant multi-office, NSW based business employing over 100 staff, which included reporting to the Board, to drive significant commercial change and cultural adjustment.

His most recent role was as a Principal of a Capital Market advisory business, where he provided policy development and management, to significant companies, through the c-suite and business unit executives, to measure and manage financial market risk within those previously developed parameters. Steve is a Non-Executive Director with an ASX listed non-bank finance company and a member of the Audit and Remuneration Committees.

Career highlight

“The challenge of working and building successful teams in the fast-paced environment of Investment Banking was challenging and exhilarating, particularly as it was a highly competitive environment with rapidly moving scenarios to manage. However, the challenges in broadening my business knowledge and experience, applying those skills to a business which I had significant equity in, while simultaneously taking responsibility as a Non-Executive Director of a Listed ASX Financial Services business, continues to provide the challenges and opportunity to use my knowledge in the expansion of a significant businesses.”

Why Coraggio?

“Being part of a group of like-minded leaders who have the joint aim of being in an environment that challenges each other to take transformational decisions is exciting. My broad commercial experience combined with significant Corporate Governance responsibilities that are required for roles as an ASX Listed Company Director and previously a Responsible Manager for Australian Financial Services Licence, can assist develop and apply frameworks, to encourage growth in a trustworthy environment.”

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