Serge Romano

Chairs in Melbourne

Chair Story


With more than 30 years’ experience in sales, Serge’s vision is to develop the next generation of exceptional sales people. Serge’s sales expertise was honed by many years in the franchise area. As the part owner of the Movieland franchise model which included 135 stores across Australia, he helped develop a business model that was successfully implemented by franchises around Australia.

In more recent years, Serge Romano moved into the finance and mortgage broking industries. His roles in franchise and sales management within Mortgage Choice, Rams and Commonwealth Bank enabled him to lead and shape successful sales teams as a guide, teacher, coach and mentor.

Serge Romano now is the Director and Head Sales Coach for Leverage Sales Coaching within Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia teaching proven Sales Systems and Processes to CEO’s, Managing Directors, Sales Managers and sales teams across a broad spectrum of companies.

As a sales leadership coach Serge’s expertise lies in assisting clients to continuously strive for their best, spotting opportunities to achieve better outcomes, implementing strong staff development practices and performing regular reviews to enhance and motivate the output of their staff. The ultimate conclusion being the development and implementation of a “Sales Playbook’!

Career highlight

Together with his brother Tony, Developing and Growing the Movieland Video brand across Australia to 135 stores. Along with starting and growing Leverage Sales Coaching to a successful platform across Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Why Coraggio? 

“The reason I Chair a board at Coraggio is because I have a passion in helping people and businesses grow. It aligns with what I do day to day and allows me to share and give my experiences to business owners,”

“As a business owner being part of Coraggio gives you a platform to communicate all aspects of your business with people who share common issues, problems or questions of which you then gain actual learning’s and are held accountable for your growth.”


“The function of a Chair is often misunderstood. It is not one of “master and commander”.  A Chair certainly leads the formalities of a meeting and moves the agenda along, but this is merely a “basic functionality. The Chair’s most vital role is ensuring the voice of every board member is heard.

“An excellent chair injects the probing question, challenges and pushes for an answer to the uncomfortable question, and brings issues to life. They heighten the debate and the exploration of specific business issues that members are grappling with. Serge Romano is the Chair of excellence. He is indelibly personable. He is genuinely and deeply interested in those around the table and the efficient and dynamic development of their business interests. He holds his board members to account. Serge performs his role as Chair with precision and a generous dash of good humour.”

Helen Suke, LLB (Hons), Suke and Associates

To join Serge’s Board or for more information, please contact Richard Skarzynski, CEO, at or call  0439 648 344.