Richard Skarzynski

Chief Executive Officer and Chair


Richard has worked in the construction industry for more than 40 years commencing with building hospitality, corporate and commercial venues and more recently working on high-profiled developments including The Department of Defence’s surveillance facility in Canberra, housing 3000 army, navy and defence personnel protecting our nation’s security.

These are Richard’s words… There’s something liberating about generating turn-key infrastructure within an allocated timeframe and budget, whilst creating employment opportunities for design consultants, project managers, builders and industry trades.

Hospitals, hotels, bridges, universities, schools and other infrastructure, provides a much-needed community service and leaves a lasting legacy, which is why the Coraggio Construction Advisory Board is critical and timely – supporting businesses which are supporting our communities.

Clients are more sophisticated educated buyers, which is why this specialised Advisory Board consisting of leading industry experts is an unique opportunity for business owners to stay ahead of the curve, scale their business and continue to support Australia’s economic viability with like-minded entrepreneurs and peer mentors.

In almost 5 decades, a project I am particularly proud of was the construction of the 10 storey Kinghorn patient and treatment Cancer Centre in Sydney, which will support the health and well-being of millions of Australians for this generation and the next. The construction industry has the power to support the longevity of people and improve the lifestyle of the greater community. We welcome you join Coraggio’s legacy!

Career highlight

Formerly the Managing Director of a global audiovisual contracting company with 7 offices in the Asia Pacific, 180 staff and a turnover of $100M

Why Coraggio

“I’m the first to admit and share that building and scaling any company has its ups and downs and sometimes can feel like an extremely lonely process. It doesn’t matter if you are a male or female CEO, Executive or MD, when difficult decisions need to be made, it’s hard to find someone you can share ideas with, receive ideas from and simply confide in.

You feel like the world is entirely upon your shoulders and those 2AM wake ups continue to be relentless on your belief systems and your health. Often you are unable to speak with your spouse, your staff are looking for leadership and direction and your accountant or lawyer just doesn’t feel the pressure the same way you do. It is imperative to surround yourself with the right people.

This is one of the many reasons why I joined Coraggio as a Chair and now am proud to be the CEO. I learnt from a young age, the importance of building strong relationships with people who are older and wiser than me in order to grow both personally and professionally and endeavour now to share my knowledge and continue to learn from others.

Granted there are several networking, referral, educational and other business style peer-to-peer mentoring groups out there however none offer the community and transformational leadership and support that Coraggio offers.”

You are in a room with your peers, leaders who have taken the risks, failed many times and won just as many. Your ideas are challenged, issues are brought to the forefront, courageous decisions are made and acted upon and if difficulties arise, support is provided.


“Richard Skarzynski has proven to be an exemplary Chair and leader of Coraggio. It is a pleasure to be part of the Coraggio family and support private business.” Pat Flanagan, Partner, RSM Australia


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