John Swete Kelly

National Chairman and Chair

Chair Story


John has extensive experience in financial management, operations, marketing, human resources and information systems.

John served 22 years in the Australian Army and following this tenure, John was the General Manager of TAFE Queensland and the Director of two TAFE Institutes. As an engineering officer in the Army and during his time with TAFE Queensland John developed extensive expertise in construction management and infrastructure planning.

This experience was later complimented when appointed the COO of an Australia-wide Industry Builder and the CEO of an Australian Lift Manufacturing company.

Following an offshore position in Irian Jaya working in the mining industry, John honed his business planning, financial management and commercialisation skills working with a range of Fortune 100 companies in retail, manufacturing and professional services in the US, Australia, SE Asia and China.

John is an inspiration – leading boards and high-performing teams to achieve tangible and measurable commercial goals.

Career highlight

Some of John’s many career highlights have included developing strategic planning scenarios  and financial management simulations which have been used to train middle and senior executives to manage business profitability, maximise industry opportunities, recognise benefits and leverage development opportunities.

John has also served as the CEO of The Sporting Wheelies and Disabled Association a not-for-profit organisation that assists Queenslanders with a disability to lead active, healthy lives and achieve their sporting dreams.

Why Coraggio

John’s proven record in assisting businesses to identify their strategic opportunities and operational initiatives, to grow the business and achieve high levels of customer satisfaction underpins his success as a Coraggio Chair.

His extensive experience in leading and managing a diverse range of businesses and his leadership and planning prowess are supported by good financial acumen and a proven record in implementing innovative business solutions.


To join John’s Board or for more information, please get in touch with Brook Hawkesford, Advisory Board Development, Queensland, at or call 0419 581 672.