Jason Manning

Chairs in Sydney

90 seconds interview


An Executive with a diverse career across the corporate and hospitality sectors, Jason’s progression as a high performing CEO is united by one thread – leading businesses through change to restabilise, grow and position them for the future.

Leveraging over 30 years of financial, operational and people management experience, he believes that the most valuable ideas are often born out of difficulty. He never underestimates the power that challenging environments can have on creating high performing teams that are united in vision.

Since 2013, he has led two very different organisations through periods of transformation to stabilise, and then grow their operations, against the backdrop of a highly competitive environment. Approaching all he does with people (both employees and shareholder) at the front of my mind, he has prioritised establishing the right cultures and supporting management structures to deliver true step changes in performance. He is proud to have led teams who have all played a part in delivering exceptional results including a 300% improvement in EBITDA, multimillion-dollar financial borrowing reductions and high-double-digit stakeholder growth.

He is a Graduate Member of the AICD and am also an active Board Member and Chairman with Coraggio, a dynamic business leadership community that provides peer-to-peer mentoring for executives.

Career highlight

Proven success in delivering financial results as Group CEO of organisations with similar dynamics, having led the delivery and optimisation of F&B/entertainment venues with 500+ gaming machines, commercial operations, property portfolios and a range of community-facing projects.

Track record in delivering impressive performance gains including 300% EBITDA growth, 87% membership growth and multimillion-dollar reduction in financial liabilities.

Robust project management experience with extensive construction exposure, most recently in recovering and delivering flagship venue & renovation

Advanced business development skills, raising business profiles and receiving industry recognition, e.g. “Winner” Master Builders Award for Excellence in Construction $5-10M category; “Winner” for Excellent recognition for Community Development and support and “Winner” Entertainment and Marketing.

Change agent, skilled in creating superior organisational cultures from the top-down, overhauling Board and senior management accountabilities; redefining KPIs, SOPs and reporting mechanisms to drive desired behavioural change; and leading comprehensive organisational restructures.

Why Coraggio

In summary, Coraggio provides an environment which challenges and supports owners, CEO, and Managers.

The safe environment of Coraggio at times can highlight professional and personal vulnerabilities, however it can when used respectfully be an essential tool for not only personal growth, but also an essential quality for business success.