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How Coraggio's strategic guidance, helped this organisation take a holistic business approach

MacPhee’s Wine Cellaring Specialists have been helping clients protect, display and enjoy their wine for over 20 years. Our team understands the importance of caring for a well-earned wine collection. We work with clients, venues, leading architects and their design teams to create bespoke wine cellars and spaces that look stunning and ensure that wine ages gracefully over time in proper cellaring conditions.  We assist with all technical aspects of designing and building wine cellars, are the exclusive distributor of leading, world class products and even offer a wine program which includes a range of wine events and access to coveted bottles sourced by our team of industry aficionados.

Reasons for choosing Coraggio

1- All members are business owners.

2- The accountability.  Every month, the numbers go up for all to see which was unnerving at first but there is a culture where others provide feedback and ask questions, all with a view to make the company better and better. This makes me work harder and (try to) work smarter.

3- Most members of my board have businesses undergoing a high rate of growth, so we understand each other’s challenges and celebrate the wins!

How we use Coraggio

To support other Board members, to learn, to redirect my time away from the day to day operation of the business and instead focus on the high level strategy of MacPhee’s.

The verdict

5 reasons why I value Coraggio:

  • Awesome people
  • The positive culture
  • Great meeting spaces
  • Impressive CEO
  • Impressive Chairperson

Wine Cellaring Specialists and Fine Wine

Company size

20 – 50 employees


Head office and showroom based in Port Melbourne with an additional showroom in Sydney. MacPhee’s provides services throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Key outcomes as a result of being with Coraggio

I was asked to present MacPhee’s Business Plan to my Coraggio Board in March this year.  This process forced me to spend more time thinking about our long-term strategy, our action plan and our priorities as a company.  It resulted in one or two ‘ah ha!’ moments and has made both myself and our Leadership Team more focused on our required deliverables going forward.

Tania & Craig MacPhee
Co-Founders & Managing Director (Tania) | MacPhee’s

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