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Gavin Jones


The big difference I find is that people in your Advisory Group understand your business more than a business coach or someone who comes in for a project.



Alex Mooney

Partner, Orange Whip Films

It is so rare to be able to tell the truth to people of this calibre about where your business is at.

Hugh McKensey

Chairman Lawler Financial Services

It is the special ingredient that you get in a Coraggio Advisory Board and I’ve not experienced it in any other group I have worked in.

Bill Clifton

MD Banlaw Pty Ltd

I left an executive leadership organisation 7 years ago because the format didn’t allow me enough time to seek the group’s advice on matters important to me and my business; I felt my time was better spent in my business. After growing Banlaw tenfold and facing new funding and other issues, I realised I needed the advice of a group again. When I contacted some of the old team, they told me about Coraggio. The Coraggio format suits me and I am benefiting from their advice again. I’m making better decisions and as I finalise a new Private Equity deal for Banlaw, I know we’re in a good position. I can’t recommend Coraggio enough.

Dr Geoffrey Heber

MD Ultraceuticals

My skincare business had grown from three to about thirty people in five years but then two years in a row our profitability was next to zero. I was focussing on product development and had a general manager who was making the wrong decisions. It’s easy to deny to yourself that you’ve made a bad hire and also to go into denial about hard but necessary decisions. My Coraggio Advisory Board members countered my rationalisations and held me accountable for what needed to be done for my business. I let the general manager go and the business has not looked back.
Eastern Respite

Greg Bergan

CEO, Eastern Respite & Recreation

Running a diverse, medium sized Not-For-Profit in an ever evolving landscape can be challenging. Interacting with so many successful business people such as those in my Coraggio Advisory Board helps me to look at all angles and has brought so much more business rigour to the way I run the organisation. Along the way I’ve also been able to demonstrate how important it is for all of us to invest in the social fabric that is our community.
Express Industrial _logo

Craig Caesar

MD, Express Industrial Supplies

I get a lot more out of Coraggio than out of any other organisation I have been a member of.

Peter J Ord

CEO, Device Technologies

I think the important thing with Coraggio is that it gives different viewpoints from different angles and that is very important as far as running a business.



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