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Coraggio Membership delivers value across three key areas: Your business’s growth; Business governance; and Community. The benefits of Coraggio Membership extend to your own personal development and your people’s development and performance.

Douglas Macarthur


As a Coraggio Member you will benefit through:

  • Business growth – measured across various metrics including but not limited to profit and people
  • Long term mentoring and a community of connected peers
  • Opportunity to share, learn and grow in a safe environment
  • The journey from good to great
  • Practical leadership in action
  • Valuable business tools
  • Challenge of accountability, positive pressure from peers to courageously act
  • Personal development and enrichment

Your business will benefit through:

  • Improved leadership capacity
  • Stronger employee engagement and performance as a result of better leadership
  • Accelerated growth resulting from courageous decisions and actions
  • Extended learning and development where CEO can share and pass on learnings from Coraggio


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