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Coraggio’s unique format and community enables leaders to be taken on a journey where along the way they share, learn, challenge, and are challenged to consistently make courageous decisions and take courageous action. It is not a networking group that gathers to hear great speakers, gain momentary inspiration where members lose momentum when they return to the day-to-day of their business. Each Coraggio Advisory Board has limited Membership, to ensure relevancy to your business and the optimum peer group to support your business growth and governance imperatives at the same time as being part of the wider Coraggio community.

The peer-to-peer mentoring provides continuous momentum towards personal development and business excellence, in a genuinely caring and safe environment. The Coraggio spirit runs deep through the membership and company, it is an attitude of mind and heart, an attitude of readiness and willingness for challenge, accountability, courage, decisiveness, mutual exchange and support.


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