Donovan Wearne is Chair of Coraggio Advisory Boards in Sydney. He is a respected Company Director and has years of experience with large, well known multinationals;

I’ve been a Chair now for about six years and the thing I find most enjoyable about the role is the opportunity to see organisations grow and develop over time.

One of the less obvious things about joining Coraggio is that it’s more than a membership. It’s a venture and a journey where you become witnesses to each other in terms of your business life. The ups and the downs.

Coraggio provides a wonderful environment for people to gather in a safe place, where they can talk about things and receive fearless, objective advice. In business that’s a very important thing and can be extremely difficult to get.

One of the most challenging things about being a business owner (or someone who is P&L responsible) is that it’s lonely at the top. Where do you go to talk with somebody about your fears, doubts and even your phobias?

If you talk with a shareholder or a member of the management committee you’re exposed but, at Coraggio, you can talk freely and openly and get advice from people who are in a similar situation to yourself.

Everyone is there to grow and develop their businesses with you.

One of the reasons that members join (and get value out of) Coraggio is because they want to be held accountable. You might wonder why that is.

The simple answer is that, in business, things are busy. There’s a lot of firefighting going on and you get distracted by people wanting your time.

So, you might think you’ve had a successful day, but the reality is that, in that process, you’ve attended to the urgent but put off the important.

Accountability is about the Chair knowing what is topical, urgent and important. The Chair must know what issues need to be dealt with and provide the members with the richest and most productive experience they can get.

It’s part of a continuous journey and the context of each business (and the stage of its development) is always taken into consideration. It is the Chair’s role to determine the priorities so that members can get the most value out of their monthly meetings.

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