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Staffing Problems

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to create a happy, productive workplace that everyone genuinely loves contributing to.

A comprehensive study of Australian workplaces conducted by Reventure Workplace Thinktank in 2016 revealed only 43% of the 1001 respondents described themselves as consistently working at their peak, meaning 57% know they are not. 52% said they have access to the training and resources they need to improve in their work, which means that 48% don’t. And 48% of participants reported a high level of respect for their boss. Which means that 52% don’t.

You don’t have to participate in too many conversations to know there is a colossal disconnect happening between management and staff in the Australian workplace. Your staff may not be lining up at your office door to submit formal complaints, but they are telling their spouse over dinner, their neighbour over the backyard fence, and their mates over a beer.

Regardless of age, gender or industry, research proves that employers need to get better at fostering a sense of acknowledgement, fulfillment and achievement in their teams at work.

57% of respondents reported not working at their peak

This starts with knowing what every person in your employ actually does, and from there you can really get cracking. Make it a priority to improve routine systems and processes in your business so that working there can become enjoyable for your staff.

Invite your team to develop a genuine sense of contribution at work by emphasising the significance of what they do. Openly foster a community spirit in your workplace which celebrates the fact that each member does work which makes a difference to their peers, and their wider community.

Set them up for a continuous string of wins that come when they know how to perform with excellence consistently. Then acknowledge your staff with simple gestures like pats on the back or recognition in front of their peers, right through to more formal incentive programs that give tangible rewards for exceptional performance.

When you rise to the call of the entrepreneur’s mandate, you will champion building your business by building people. This approach will increase productivity and lead to performance from your staff that is worth rewarding. Doing good work should feel great for everyone.

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