Helping more than 400 businesses and counting…

Navigate, scale & future proof your business with Australia’s largest and most respected peer to peer Advisory Board group.

A peer to peer Advisory Board solves the inaccessibility of expertise and provides personalised solutions for Australian private business owners.

Noncompetitive business owners give support and their experience in a cohesive and confidential environment.

Does this sound familiar?

Challenging business decisions and fear of failing

Missing out on market share & opportunities

Inexperience in scaling, team building, pricing, and maximising profit

Inadequate risk management and flexibility

Unfamiliar with the latest modelling and trends

Uncertain and unclear about the longterm strategy

Your unique opportunity.

Learn from the tribulations and triumphs of Australia’s most successful leaders.

Practical, objective fearless advice from your peers keep you and your business out of trouble.

Address specific issues resulting in a clear and productive cause of action.

The Coraggio Edge

Advisory Board

Adapt, pivot and scale within structured monthly Advisory Board meetings incorporating:

  • Industry themes
  • Performance reporting & financial tracking
  • Independent feedback
  • Objective viewpoint
  • Introductions and connections
  • Personal, professional and business growth
  • Objective viewpoint
  • Introductions and connections
  • Personal, professional and business growth

Accelerate Program

Small business owner offering designed to maximise exposure to:

  • Operational support
  • Procedures and efficiencies
  • Practical education
  • Guided support
  • Filling in skill gaps
  • Realise potential and enable sustainable business growth and more.
  • Guided support
  • Filling in skill gaps
  • Realise potential and enable sustainable business growth and more.

Courageous Humble Beginnings!

Founded in 2009 by 12 Australian Business Owners, Coraggio is a community more than anything. A unique executive community, built on trust, where the ambitious and formidable share experiences and help each other navigate through business and personal challenges.

Coraggio recognises it can be lonely at the top.


Challenge assumptions, raise issues and be exposed to new ideas and feedback specific to your business.

Take advantage of spending a full-day, 12 days a year with a certified accountant, lawyer and experienced Chair.

Work with noncompetitive business owners and entrepreneurs to move your business forward.

Be part of a supportive and engaged community.

Enjoy premium conferencing facilities and keynote speakers.

The Coraggio competitive edge – guaranteeing tangible, productive business outcomes.

What calibre of businesses will I be immersed with at Coraggio?

  • 40% Early stage businesses turning over between $500k and $10 million, employing 5 or more people.
  • 40% High growth companies with a turnover between $10 million and $50 million, employing 40 or more people.
  • 20% Large businesses/investors, equalling over $50 million+ in revenue / high net worth.

Will it work for my particular industry/ niche?

Every member has benefited from the collaborative advice from fellow members and networking advantages belonging to a likeminded group of business owners and leaders.

How do I know which Advisory Board is right for me?

A culmination of the size of businesses, as well as where the business lifecycle is at, along with the industry and skill sets of the Advisory Board members and the Chair defines the most effective make-up of every Coraggio Board.

How do I know if I am eligible for a seat on an Advisory Board?

Coraggio invites private business owners committed to belonging to a community of industry leaders providing a give and take dynamic and adopting insightful, objective viewpoints from experiences as a collective, to submit an expression of interest.

What to expect.

Step 1: Identify gaps in skills and competencies
Step 2: Meet with an Advisory Board development manager to discuss
which Advisory Board will fill those gaps and provide advice
Step 3: Join established an Advisory Board and participate in formal structure
Step 4: Review and assess. If the board is not right for you, move to the one which provides the right fit for you and your business.

“To be the exceptional leader you aspire to be, you must do the uncommon and swim against the tide of mediocrity.”

– Gary Bertwistle, Coraggio keynote speaker, April 2021

“Coraggio was an obvious next step for me following 10 years in business, it was time to change things up and progressively challenge myself and my business.”
Childcare, 80 employees $40M revenue

“I committed to taking over the family business from my father who was approaching retirement and need to surround myself with a team of advisors and experts.”
Electrical business, 38 Employees, $10M revenue

“If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse. Joining Coraggio has escalated my business – quite simply, life-changing!”
Petcare, 150 employees $100M revenue

Work with some of the best business minds to future proof and build a sustainable business.

Book a meeting with a Coraggio Advisory Board development manager to assess your suitability
and commence your courageous mutually beneficial partnership.

Jade Howcroft

Jade Howcroft
Manager, Gold Coast

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Simone Dunlop

Simone Dunlop
State Manager, QLD

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Louise McKeon
State Manager, NSW

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Brook Hawkesford headshot

Brook Hawkesford
Manager, VIC

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No more excuses; guarantee a better tomorrow.


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