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What DOES and DOESN’T change for Australia after today?

By May 31, 2020August 2nd, 2020Article
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Today is set to be a milestone date for Australia, as state governments mark the first of June as the start of further relaxed restrictions.

Australians have been slowly emerging from Covid-19 lockdowns since the federal government announced a three-stage plan in May to ease restrictions across the country.

It is up to each state and territory to decide when and how far they will relax restrictions.

Here we try to answer some of the most common questions people have about the laws.

These answers should not be treated as legal advice. This article will be updated as new restrictions are announced, implemented, or repealed.

Here, you can find the official state and territory restriction guides for NSW, Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania, Western Australia, South Australia, the Northern Territory and the ACT.


Residents in New South Wales are now beginning a new month with some new relaxed restrictions. 

Changes from 1st June

–          You can, now travel to regional NSW with your friends and family for a recreational trip,

–          Visit the museum, gallery or read a book at your local library,

–          Pubs, clubs, cafes, and restaurants can have up to 50 customers,

–          Beauty and nail salon operators can begin treatments under strict COVID-safe guidelines,

–          Up to 20 people can attend weddings, 50 at funerals and 50 at places of worship

Rules that continue to apply.

–          The 4-square metre rule

–          Hygiene and safety requirements for businesses


The Queensland Premier has announced a major easing of restrictions in Queensland from the Monday, 1st of June

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Changes from 1st June

–          Unlimited travel and overnight stays for all of Queensland

–          Up to 20 patrons can dine in or have drinks in hotels, restaurants, cafes, and pubs

Stage Two of the relaxing restrictions is expected to begin on 12th June.

Changes from 12th June

–          Up to 20 people can attend open houses, cinemas and public spaces for open houses, public spaces,

–          Cinemas and gyms can accommodate up to 20 people,

–          Up to 20 people can use the indoor and outdoor community sports clubs

–          Up to 20 people can attend weddings.


Victoria is easing multiple restrictions from 11:59 p.m. on Sunday May 31—so the Victorians are waking up to a new week and a new month with some new-found freedoms.

Tourists in city

Changes from 1st June

20 is a special number — that is how many people can go do the following after 1st June

–          Gather at homes, including the members of the household

–          Participate in outdoor, non-contact group sporting activities,

–          Visit a museum, gallery, and library to feel inspired,

–          Get a spa treatment or visit the beauty salon and tattoo parlours

–          Allowing people to stay in holiday homes or tourist accommodations without shared communal facilities

–          Enter places of worship, attend weddings or an indoor funeral

Rules that continue to apply

–          People must continue working from home if they have been doing so up until now though.


Stage 2 of Tasmania’s road map to recovery does not come into effect until June 15.

Changes after 15th June

Much like many of the other states, up to 20 people at a time will be able to gather indoors and outdoors, including at:

–          Restaurants and cafes

–          Cinemas, museums, galleries, theatres, and performance venues

–          Religious gatherings and weddings

–          Open homes and auctions

–          Beauty service providers and day spas

–          Indoor and outdoor sports and fitness activities

Up to 50 people will be permitted at funerals.


The next phase of relaxing restrictions in Western Australia starts on June 6—they are already up to Phase 3 of their programs:

4 people in a park.

Changes after 6th June

The cap for non-work – related events will be expanded to 100 people — or 300 people for spaces with separated rooms.

They break the 4-square-metre rule in favour of the 2-square-metre rule from that date, and on that basis, all of them will be able to reopen or restart:

  • Gyms and fitness classes
  • Full contact sports and training
  • Playgrounds, skate parks and outdoor gym equipment
  • Beauty, nail, tanning and waxing salons, personal-care services, spas, and saunas
  • Galleries, museums, theatres, cinemas, and concert venues
  • Zoos, amusement parks and arcades.


South Australia is also launching Phase 2 of their June 1 Roadmap and is tossing a few major numbers around.

Changes from 1st June

–          Up to 80 people will be allowed at:

  • Restaurants, cafes, wineries, pubs, breweries, and bars
  • Cinemas, theatres, museums, and galleries
  • Gyms

All if, there is no more than 20 to a group.

–          Nail and beauty salons, tattoo and massage parlours will also be allowed to reopen, and if gyms have classes, they must be limited to 10 participants.

–          Up to 50 people will be allowed at funerals.


The top end does not have to wait too long for their next phase to come into effect.

From noon on June 5th, the Northern Territory will sail to Phase 3 of its Roadmap to loosen restrictions — some of the country’s most relaxed laws.

From that date, all previously restricted companies, facilities and services that restart if they comply with key principles.

Changes after 5th June:

Territorians will be free to-

–          Go to the bar without eating food

–          Go to nightclubs, cinemas, theatres, concert halls or music halls and other licenced entertainment venues.

–          Take part in authorised gaming activities

–          Go to entertainment centres, community centres and play areas.

There’s good news for sports lovers too — sports like football, netball, basketball and soccer can be played and officiated again, with fans, and up to 500 people can go to the arena, the stadium or the community sports competition if the spectators are in an authorised seating arrangement.


Canberra has a set of restrictions that ease this weekend — starting at 11:59 p.m. on Friday, May 29, the ACT will switch to Phase 2.1 of its recovery plan.

From that time on, up to 20 people will be allowed at:

–          Restaurants, cafes, and licenced establishments

–          Beauty, tanning, waxing, nail salons

–          Spa, massage, tattoo, and body-modification lounges

–          Museums, galleries, public museums, outdoor attractions

–          Parks and campgrounds with caravans

–          Weddings, religious rituals, places of worship

–          Wellness centres, indoor fitness centres, yoga, Pilates, bar and spin rooms, community centres, swimming pools

Rules that continue to apply.

–          The 4-square-metre rule still exists, and any company that is re-opening requires a COVID safety plan.

Canberra’s Step 2.1 still encourages working from home if it works for employees and employers, with a gradual return to work flagged for consideration around mid-July.

As our community becomes more active and gets back to business, it is important that we-

–          follow the NSW rules for gatherings that apply to individuals and businesses

–          maintain a physical distance of at least 1.5 metres from others

–          practise good hand hygiene

–          stay active and healthy

–          take extra care if you are around vulnerable people

–          get tested if you have any symptoms, even if they are only mild

–          stay home until you get the test result or are medically cleared.

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