Coraggio Advisory Boards in Sydney

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It can be hard to decide the next move for your business. Opinions will come from all stakeholders – including customers and other members of your organisation – but the ultimate decision remains yours to make.

Meet your business mentorship and growth team


Do you aspire to great leadership? Have you recognised that it takes courage to make your best business decisions? A Coraggio Advisory Board (CAB) is a place where business leaders are continually challenged to make the courageous decisions vital in the definition of success – both for their business and for themselves.

Each CAB is chaired by an established business leader who has seen it all before, and possesses impressive business insight. Your fellow CAB members represent micro, small, medium and large businesses and benefit from each other’s unique experience. CAB meetings are monthly, followed by ongoing peer-to-peer support and optional one-on-one mentorship sessions with your chair.


It’s lonely at the top

Meet your new support and growth team


Together with your chair and your fellow CAB members, you will forge growth strategies and address problem solving that gets to the root of issues. Numbers are limited to ensure intimacy and to help build trust, yet CABs are big enough to foster community and camaraderie.

If this is the year of acceleration and growth for your business and for personal leadership development for yourself, don’t miss the unique opportunity to join an exclusive community of business leaders to support you on your journey towards achieving your goals.

Coraggio is Australia’s great leadership community. Make no mistake: a meeting of your CAB is not a ‘networking function’ featuring a few talks and activities. Rather, it’s a dynamic environment where we question the status quo through mentoring, sharing and learning. Your fellow CAB members bring with them years of business experience, an attitude of readiness and willingness for challenge, accountability, decisiveness, mutual exchange and continued support.


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Places in CABs are limited, but openings currently exist in Sydney CABs. Please fill in the brief form on this page to receive our info pack explaining how Coraggio works.


Sydney CAB chairs

John Swete Kelly


John is an outcomes focused person with good communication and interpersonal skills who can inspire boards and leadership teams to achieve a business’s commercial goals. There is a limited opportunity to join one of John’s Brisbane or Sydney boards. John chairs his CABs and steers the Coraggians to their own business success.

Richard Skarzynski - CAB 2 / CAB 15


Richard holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from University of NSW and a Master of Business Administration from University of NSW. He currently advises various government departments and agencies, corporations and health and education providers on specialized audio visual services. He was formerly the Managing Director of a global audio visual contracting company with 7 offices in Asia Pacific, 180 staff and a turnover of $100M. Richard has a practical business approach and is committed to delivering value to business owners and leaders that supports them to achieve their best.

Donovan Wearne - CAB 3 / CAB 8


Donovan Wearne is an experienced company director with valuable insights gained over a long career working for large, well-known multinationals. Donovan’s passion is in unearthing clarity of purpose and giving direction so that remarkable and sustainable business outcomes can be achieved. Success for Donovan is seeing organisations realise their greatest potential.

Kelly Beaumont - CAB 5


2 places remain on Coraggio Advisory Board 5 (CAB 5) located in Sydney and Chaired by Kelly Beaumont. Kelly will be holding interviews over the next four weeks, with these 2 CAB5 positions expected to be filled quickly. Kelly’s passion is to help others achieve growth and she is not afraid to ask the difficult questions or take members out of their comfort zones.

Peter Kearney - CAB 12


Selective Membership is now available for a new Coraggio Advisory Board (CAB) commencing in Sydney in February 2015 and chaired by Peter Kearney, an experienced senior executive and board director.

Steve Rust


Selective Membership is now available for this new Coraggio Advisory Board (CAB) commencing on the Sunshine Coast and chaired by Steve Rust, an experienced senior executive and board director.

David Simon - CAB 14


Selective Membership is now available for a new Coraggio Advisory Board (CAB) commencing in Sydney in February 2015 and chaired by David Simon, an experienced senior executive and board director.

David Borg


David Borg started his career at Fuji Xerox over 20 years ago as a sales cadet and sold the first Xerox desktop laser printer launched in 1996 (Xerox 4030). By focusing on building a strong channel business, Fuji Xerox Printers has moved from Industry Minnow to now #3 in the Australian Market.

In this role David is responsible for general management across sales, marketing and channel operations. His primary goal is to ensure that Fuji Xerox staff and Fuji Xerox channel partners are supported by the very best methodologies, tools and resources to achieve success.

Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith

Andrew has over 30 years’ experience in education in schools as teacher and leader and the last 11 years as business leader in e-Learning.

At 3P Learning (Mathletics) he was CEO, Australia and Asia. A role which saw double digit growth year on year culminating in the 2013 listing as the second largest Australian tech float in history.

More recently Andrew has moved ‘back in time’ and joined another Ed Tech start-up to embark on the growth journey again. His strengths are in sales, marketing, team development and strategy.

He has also been a member of Coraggio for over 5 years. Therefore, he has firsthand experience of what is means to be part of a thriving Advisory Board.

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