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Kelly Beaumont is Chair of Coraggio Advisory Board 5. She is a Director and Co-Founder of the Non-Profit Alliance. Her passion is to help others achieve growth. Kelly shares her opinion on the benefit of peer-to-peer mentoring.

It is really amazing at Coraggio to see the diversity of leaders and skills we have around the table. As you can imagine it has a huge impact on our decisions, our discussions and how we support each other.

We have terrific variety on my Advisory Board, young guys who are starting out on their leadership journey and some who have been there awhile and have experienced the ups and downs. The rich diversity of our Advisory Board is fantastic when comes to collaborating, problem solving and creative thinking.

What is important about Coraggio is that, as well as talking about business goals and driving business growth, we also talk about family and what’s going on in the personal lives of our members. We all know that this can often impact on our business lives and it’s important to be able to speak about things in a safe and confidential environment. We offer a holistic approach to our members.

Goal setting is important, we name four business goals and one personal goal and, sometimes, it’s that personal goal that’s the clincher. If we can make sure members address that – whether it’s health and wellbeing or wanting to spend more time with their family – then the business goals are more easily and smoothly achieved.

Coraggio offers a wonderful opportunity to achieve transformational change. In my Board alone, we’ve seen some fantastic stories. Members come in with an idea, we discuss it, put it in place and then we all celebrate the success.

If you want an environment where people are ethical and genuinely care about each other. A place where people want to make your business work. Coraggio is that place.

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