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Meet Coraggio’s Esteemed Advisory Board Chairs


Coraggio Chairs are renowned for their proven business acumen and personal success. It’s a challenging role to facilitate a group of business leaders seeking support to grow their business and be the best they can be. The Chair’s goal is to challenge and inspire Advisory Board Members to go from 80% to 100% by harnessing their passion and supporting them to put in place the structure around them and their businesses that is critical to achieving the 100%.
So what makes a good Chair? Clearly they have to know what they’re talking about. They’ve generally been around the block in business several times and carry a serious swag of experiences that includes their fair share of failures and struggles. It’s not only the highs that make up the journey to success, but often the learning from the lows and a good Chair will know how to steer you through the tough times and engage your Advisory Board peers to input into solutions.

A great Chair straddles the worlds of both coach and mentor. He or she understands the many factors influencing business growth, from those you have some control over like the professional and personal to those factors you have little control over such as economic conditions and external events or threats to your industry.

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  • 16th July 2014