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Michelle O’Hara has been a Coraggio member for three years. She is the Founder and CEO of OH Marketing, a passionate marketer who shares her opinion on the value of Coraggio’s selected speakers;

Coraggio has been absolutely phenomenal for my business. What I loved from the start was the honesty. There’s no room for excuses and there’s fantastic support.

Having a group of industry leaders who have done it all – failed and succeeded – and who are now prepared to share their learnings with you is a wonderful opportunity. I’ve literally doubled my business which is an excellent result.

One of the best things is listening to the great speakers who come along each month. They’re across such a broad range of areas and you always walk away with several tips that you can utilise yourself AND pass on to your customers, which I really enjoy doing.

You never know when the advice might come in handy and it’s very true that you don’t know what you don’t know.

I network a lot and notice that many of the speakers I hear at different functions are trying to sell you something. That’s not the case at Coraggio. With Coraggio, it’s always educational and in the interests of the members – not the speaker.

That’s a real bonus because it means you can relax and take it all it in and take information away with you that can be of real benefit.

So, not only do you get all these industry leaders in the room, but you also get an additional speaker every month – which is an added bonus. Access to information that you would never otherwise consider.

It’s such great value in terms of what you receive.

You come into an Advisory Board meeting and work on your business for the day, rather than in your business. As a business owner you might worry about being out of the business for the day but focusing totally on it helps you to engage better thinking around it.

Then the speaker adds that extra piece of education that because you’re in thinking mode, helps you to think outside the box and at your business differently. That’s what you want and that’s what is missing for many business owners without this in place.

It’s a great way to finalise your learning for the day, whilst networking with others and having conversations with a variety of people about the things you’ve learned. That adds to the value of what you’re receiving on the day. Each Coraggio meeting is different but it’s always great value.

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