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Business leaders who find their way to Coraggio seek a dynamic support and advisory network built around generating personal and business growth and a community that delivers greater than the sum of its parts.

Donovan’s passion is in unearthing clarity of purpose and giving direction so that remarkable and sustainable business outcomes can be achieved. Success for Donovan is seeing organisations realise their greatest potential.

What is Coraggio?

Coraggio takes leaders on a journey towards business excellence and personal enrichment through peer-to-peer mentoring, sharing and learning. It is leadership in action where members are encouraged to challenge themselves, and be challenged by others, in a safe environment. It is a place where the friendly yet robust discussion drives the journey’s momentum, where peer pressure is positive in that it holds members accountable and elicits sharp, courageous decision-making followed by courageous action. The Coraggio journey rewards members with not only better business results, but also a community of like-minded business people who care about each other.

The Coraggio spirit runs deep through the membership and company, it is an attitude of mind and heart, an attitude of readiness and willingness for challenge, accountability, courage, decisiveness, mutual exchange and support.

Donovan Wearne – Your Sydney Peer Advisory Board Chair?

Coraggio Chairs are renowned for their proven business acumen and personal success. Donovan Wearne delivers real world, practical advice that can be put into effect the next day. His goal is to challenge and inspire group members to improve their businesses. Donovan equips members with business tools and provides a unique sounding board. Donovan’s executive groups thrive in an environment where passionate, fearless advice is given without a vested interest – other than to see fellow members achieve.

Donovan Wearne, BSc DipMgt, CIVTAE is currently Director of CAPstart Pty Ltd, and is an experienced company director with valuable insights gained over a long career working for large, well-known multinationals. He has a career track record of building successful teams, navigating change and developing new business solutions for EBIT improvement, brand equity and corporate governance objectives. Donovan has held senior roles in giant multinational corporations and has managed some of Australia’s largest brand and product portfolios. He has developed product revenue streams and improved business programmes that delivered hundreds of millions of dollars per annum and has been responsible for billion dollar plus sales revenues.

As Executive Director at Electrolux, he handled major customer relationships and managed research and development, marketing, sales, export and logistics functions. In the lead up to Sydney’s 2000 Olympic campaign, Donovan headed SOCOG’s Olympic sponsorship programme and was given the task of raising $650 million from corporate Australia. At Rothmans International, Donovan led global strategic operations and managed the Dunhill brand globally. 1n 2004 his focus turned to seeing other businesses take off. As part of this career change he became CEO of the international advisory group, Seerpharma. As Director at CAPstart Private Equity, Donovan’s role is to commercialise new technology and business innovation.

Donovan has been a Coraggio Advisory Board Chair since February 2012. He helps business leaders enhance their companies and supports personal success by sharing his vast corporate experience.

I help businesses find clarity of purpose

Donovan Wearne

How the CAB is run

Meeting monthly, each Coraggio Advisory Board (CAB) journeys towards business excellence and personal enrichment through peer-to-peer mentoring, sharing and learning. Coraggio Advisory Boards are leadership in action. Members challenge themselves and are challenged by others in a safe environment. Friendly yet robust discussion drives momentum and positive peer pressure holds members accountable to their own decisions. The resultant Coraggio spirit runs deep and can be described in the elements our members both possess and provide:

  • Readiness and willingness for challenge
  • Accountability
  • Courage
  • Decisiveness
  • Mutual exchange
  • Support

Do you have a vision to build an even greater business with Donovan Wearne’s assistance?

What makes a good chair?

Coraggio Chairs have navigated decades of corporate experiences including failure and struggle. A professional chairperson provides the discipline and focus to help members keep an eye on the most important issues and matters facing their businesses. Donovan encourages objective and accountable decision-making to reach goals and drive future success.

A great Chair knows that the journey to high achievement in business is not always obvious to those within it. Coraggio Chairs steer you through tough times and elicit group peer solutions. They straddle coach and mentor roles and point the way forward using your own advisory board of experienced CEOs, owners and senior managers from diverse businesses.

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