Limited Opportunity – CAB 13 Sydney

Are you a Coraggian?

You are invited to be a part of Coraggio’s new Sydney Advisory Board

This is a unique opportunity to take your place at the table with similarly successful peers seeking to take their business from good to great. It can be lonely at the top, yet critical to both your personal and your company’s success to seek out fearless, objective advice and the support of impartial but committed minds. This is Coraggio. A community where you will experience a deep sense of camaraderie, a wealth of collective wisdom, sharp insight and a structure that serves one key goal, to advance your business to greatness whilst developing you as a leader.

Business leaders who find their way to Coraggio seek a dynamic support and advisory network built around generating personal and business growth and a community that delivers greater than the sum of its parts.

Selective Membership is now available for a new Coraggio Advisory Board (CAB) commencing in Sydney and chaired by Tony Lynch, an experienced senior executive and board director.

Tony Lynch is founder and CEO of Lynchpin Solutions and has had extensive experience in business, through positions in the corporate environment with 12 years in senior roles, having also owned, operated and consulted to 8 successful SME business operations in the last 11 years.

Tony has also held management positions with several medium to large companies in the vocations of Business Consulting, Health and Fitness and Career Management where his positions were to look at ways to increase efficiencies, streamline production, project management, staff training and development and continuous improvement (not exhaustive by any means).

Tony’s passion for helping people and business owners to excel to phenomenal levels in business excellence has delivered exceptional results around innovation, sales, marketing, growth, and exit.

“Continual education of oneself is the only way of ensuring security of your future and that of your business; it may take 20 years to learn through trial and error what you may learn from a committed group of like minds who move you forward with great momentum through challenge and accountability…”

Tony walks the talk and he is Degree qualified in Business, Bachelor of Business Studies through UTS, Certificate 4, Training and Assessment, a member of the Australian Institute of Management, Brian Tracy Trained, President of the Business Express chapter of BNI located at Chatswood Golf club and a keen networker and referrer.


Coraggio Chairs have navigated decades of corporate experiences including failure and struggle. A professional chairperson provides the discipline and focus to help members learn new business styles and approaches from each other in a meaningful and immediately useful way. It’s a challenging role to facilitate a group of business leaders seeking support to grow their business and be the best they can be.


Meeting monthly, the CAB journeys Members towards business excellence and personal enrichment through peer-to-peer mentoring, sharing and learning. CABs are leadership in action, where members challenge themselves and are challenged by others in a safe environment. Friendly yet robust discussion drives momentum and positive peer pressure holds members accountable to their own decisions. The resultant Coraggio spirit runs deep is expressed by what members both possess and provide:

  • Readiness and willingness for challenge
  • Accountability
  • Courage
  • Decisiveness
  • Mutual exchange
  • Support

Do you have a vision to build an even greater business? Contact us and we will be delighted to facilitate a no obligation coffee for you with Tony so you can to learn more about his breadth of experience, style and aspirations for his Sydney CAB – in person.