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Helen Suke works in the area of Family Law. She has a wealth of experience in all aspects of this complex area of the Law and has earned great respect from colleagues and clients alike. Helen shares her experience of Coraggio:

I chose Coraggio because it’s an organisation recommended to me by people who I respect – professionals who I work with very closely. Also, because it wasn’t a large organisation. It was more like an exclusive club, in which people were like-minded and had a similar view on life as well as business.

Coraggio is definitely not just about business and that’s the part that really appealed to me. Although we spend a lot of time working, we also have a life outside of work which impacts us.

Family is really important and how that dovetails into everything we do. That applies, as well, to the people who are around us – those we choose to work with – because they’re the people with whom we spend most of our time.

Coraggio also addresses your own personal health (how you maintain yourself and those around you) as well as the business interest. It’s not just focused on the business and that’s important.

When I first heard that Coraggio was a commitment of a full day every month, my initial reaction was probably the same as a lot of others ‘How am I going to find a day a month? I’m too busy. My practice is demanding, and I won’t be able to carve out that time’. But you do.

And sometimes, leading up to Board meetings, I worry about having enough time to prep, but I always find the time and once you’re there, it’s a quiet and productive atmosphere to stop and think about what you’re doing in your life and in your business.

It’s really of enormous value.

When you leave the meeting, you have ideas and you feel energised. If anything, you need to be careful not to have too many ideas. It’s best to take away one or two things that you’re going to implement and then come back to your Board the following month and confirm that you’ve made those changes – or that you’ve thought around the issues that were discussed last time.

There’s accountability, too, which keeps you motivated.

The calibre of the members is outstanding. I didn’t know what to expect when I first walked in the door but the people around the table are warm and intelligent. They question and have different ways of looking at things which I find incredibly valuable.

There are a couple of members on my Board, in particular, with a left-field approach which challenges you to look at a situation in a different way.

That, too, is very helpful.

You also feel completely confident that everything you say within the Board is confidential, you can be totally open. That’s extremely valuable to me because, when you are at a senior level in business, there are only limited people with whom you can have those conversations with. So, to be able to speak about anything that’s concerning you (or that you want input on) and to know that you’ll get feedback is a big thing and, of course, you can then give that feedback to others.

Apart from our Coraggio Board forums, each meeting a speaker comes along and they present to us about their business or business experiences.

These speakers are paid for by Coraggio so they’re not people coming along to promote anything or push a particular point. They’re genuine and authentic in the stories they tell us and the lessons they provide. So that we can all learn and take that information into our board meeting and our personal and business lives.

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