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It can be lonely at the top! Where can CEOs and business owners go for fearless objective advice and support?

Do you aspire to great leadership? Have you recognised that it takes courage to make your best business decisions?  If this year is the year for your business’s acceleration, growth and your own personal leadership development, don’t miss the unique opportunity to join an exclusive community of business leaders to support you on your journey towards achieving your goals.

Coraggio is delighted to offer a very limited number of places for Membership of new Coraggio Advisory Boards in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Our CAB Chairs have a deep commitment to the Coraggio spirit; a spirit which stands it apart from any other CEO group or coaching process.  We welcome you to discover more over a cup of coffee and take your first step towards your business’s growth.  Contact us here.

Meet our esteemed Chairs.

Meet Your Coraggio Advisory Board (CAB) Chair

Meet Coraggio’s Esteemed Advisory Board Chairs

Coraggio Chairs are renowned for their proven business acumen and personal success. It’s a challenging role to facilitate a group of business leaders seeking...


To find out more about Coraggio and your eligibility to join Australia’s great leadership community, enter your details and one of our Executive team members will be in contact.

What Member’s Say

“I’m making better decisions and as I finalise a new Private Equity deal for Banlaw, I know we’re in a good position. I can’t recommend Coraggio enough.”

Bill Clifton
MD Banlaw Pty Ltd

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