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Robert Tunchon has been Chief Operating Officer at Coraggio for nearly three years. Robert has owned and operated small businesses and also has a background in education, including a period as Deputy Principal;

They’re looking for advice, solutions, strategies and management tools. They get all of them at Coraggio.

I was asked to come to Coraggio because of my background and the experiences I could bring to the role. I’ve been involved in a number of small businesses and can relate to and understand what members are experiencing on a daily basis.

What are the attractions of being involved in business? What are the pitfalls?

What are the hurdles you need to overcome?

Most people in small businesses are doing it on their own and don’t have anyone to turn to or to act as a sounding board. They rely on themselves and decisions are made with a mixture of their heart and head.

That means the decision won’t always be the best one, but they believe in what they’re doing, and they believe in their business. They want to grow their business, but they start making decisions that, oftentimes, contain too large an emotional element.

When I had the chance to look at Coraggio closely and compare it with competitors, I could see it was very unique. Every month at Coraggio the Advisory Boards come together and meet in a genuine community atmosphere. You can see it even before the Board meets with members sharing coffee and tea and their experiences since the last meeting. Discussing what’s been happening in their businesses and personal lives in the last month.

And then, during the meeting itself, there’s the structure of going around the table and sharing the issues that are concerning each member or the opportunities they are exploring.

People want to surround themselves with successful people and they find that at Coraggio.

There are ongoing success stories that people want to be part of and they want to be able to share those stories and that experience with other people.

They’re looking for advice, solutions, strategies and management tools. They get all of them at Coraggio.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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Australian Head Office:

1300 899 006
Level 1, 24 Young Street,
Neutral Bay NSW 2089

Brisbane Board Meetings:

Level 31, 1 Eagle Street,
Brisbane QLD 4000

Melbourne Board Meetings:

Level 14, 385 Bourke Street,
Melbourne VIC 3000

Sydney Board Meetings:

Level 15, 1 Farrer Place,
Sydney NSW 2000

Level 5, 1 Margaret Street,
Sydney NSW 2000