Coraggio Introductory Session with Guest Speaker – Kevin Ryan


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Brisbane, QLD, AU, 4000

Imagine you had your own Board of Directors that provided you with objective advice and on-going support to help your business.

You are invited to attend a Coraggio Introductory Session!

Imagine you had your own Board of Directors that provided you with objective advice and on-going peer support to help you work more strategically.

Coraggio offers an environment where you can openly discuss business challenges on a monthly basis, with your very own group of industry leaders.

Our one hour Introductory Session offers you the opportunity to gain further insight into Coraggio and to find out how our Advisory Board’s operate. We invite all business owners and entrepreneurs looking for consistent, hands on, help and support to join us.

Led by our CEO the session will cover:

– What you can expect from Coraggio?

– What you will achieve in Coraggio?

– What makes Coraggio different?

– Who should join Coraggio?

– Application and Membership

Pre-meeting requirements:

This FREE Introductory Session will be restricted to business owners and entrepreneurs and seating is limited. Real business topics will be raised from attendees and resulting conversations may be commercially sensitive. When you register, you will be contacted by your local Advisory Board Manager to confirm your business experience credentials and to confirm your understanding of the importance of confidentiality. We look forward to catching up with you and answering your questions.


Kevin Ryan brings over thirty years’ experience in executive management, and associated Board Directorships. Co-founder of Device Technologies Group of companies in 1992, Kevin was instrumental in laying the foundation stones of the business, and to its growth and success. Device Technologies introduced a very unique range of technologies to the ANZ health system and pioneered new forms of surgery and medical procedures via comprehensive clinical education programmes. Over the course of 25 years, the company grew in size to 650 employees, across several geographies, including Australia, New Zealand, UK and USA. At the time of its sale in FY16, the company was the largest independent healthcare business in ANZ, and arguably the largest independent healthcare distribution business in the world.


Key Takeaways

* Partner Selection

* Product/Service


* Funding

* Rewards

* Lessons learned (and failings)

* Moral of the story

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