Wendi Dawson

Director of Partnerships and Client Engagement


Wendi is a C-suite leader who has built a career working with organisations to achieve their strategic growth goals and hone their greatest competitive advantage – their people. Leveraging her extensive background in consulting, sales, and leadership development, Wendi has predominantly realised this through the creation of high-performance cultures, coaching and mentoring; always focusing on generating the best customer experience and outcome.

After sailing across the Pacific Ocean from Seattle to Auckland a number of years ago, Wendi found herself in the recruitment industry, establishing herself as a leader who could tackle any problem or challenge. From there and a subsequent move to Melbourne, many of the roles Wendi has undertaken resulted from being appointed to lead organisational change or achieve significant growth, including creating and leading high-performance teams – even during times of volatility and uncertainty.

As an experienced B2B sales leader across diverse industries, Wendi has experience identifying market trends and developing sales strategies to acquire new business, grow market share and transform sales teams. One of her key successes towards achieving significant growth has resulted in always focusing on the customer experience and outcome – continually delivering a better service today than yesterday.

Career highlight

As I reflect upon my career, there has been significant highlights and achievements. However, I reflect to those who created those moments.  The common thread has being open to the opportunity and rising to the challenge. I stoically live by the mantra to never let anyone define or limit what I can do. You need to believe in yourself and your abilities.  Success is generated from mindset first, then skillset.

Why Coraggio?

“There’s an expression that cites you are the sum total of the people who you surround yourself with most who you glean guidance, strength and knowledge.  These are the mentors who challenge and support you to be the best of yourself.  That resonates with me.

I am drawn to Coraggio as I resonate with these traits across their Boards and Chairs.  Equally, Coraggio shares my passion for business success.  There is power in tapping into a group of your peers, sharing your highs and lows as you navigate your business to achieve goals. Coraggio’s ability to support business leaders on this journey is commendable. ”