Trish Winchester

Coraggio Chair Trish Winchester
Chairs in Melbourne

CEO at TW Business Solutions

After extensive executive experience with Chanel and the Estee Lauder companies, Trish Winchester began working at David Jones as Education Manager. Responsible for over 150 staff, training them in professional speaking, sales techniques and management skills. It was a wonderful position which allowed Trish to see individuals grow into competent managers. After 2 years, Trish was elevated to a Sales Executive dealing with Myers and David Jones staff across Victoria.

In 1994, Trish Winchester put her extensive experience working with some of the world’s leading cosmetic houses to practice and founded Advanced Skin Technology (AST). The company was formed to capitalise on the emerging anti-aging skincare market and supply a full range of highly active products and peeling agents. AST soon established a reputation for developing and supplying leading edge clinical grade skincare, supported by a team of professional educators and underpinned by genuine commitment to proactive relationship management.

In 2011, AST took the next step in its strategic growth plan and merged with Device Technologies. Trish continued to be actively involved with the company, until her resignation in 2016, when she built on her enviable reputation as a strategic business entrepreneur by established TW Business Solutions.

Career highlight

Founding Advanced Skin Technology was a huge risk, leaving her professional career and choosing to start a business. Every step of the way was hard, yet Trish enjoyed the risk and found it rewarding seeing how she could push herself and what she could achieve.

Why Coraggio?

“I wish Coraggio was around when I started my business in 1994. For a young entrepreneur my journey in growing a business would have been less lonely. When you are scaling up business its vital that you have a safe place to share your worries, triumphs, and concerns. I take my role as Chair very seriously, sharing my business experience and understanding what is required to achieve the goals and dreams of my members. Every time I walk into the boardroom I can feel the energy of every member, wanting to share their month and receive the boards advice.”


“Our Advisory Board’s group dynamic works extremely well with the right mix of the people and the areas in which we all work. Trish Winchester is an excellent Chairperson, who steers our group through the monthly topics and conducts the group discussions with aplomb. The real world experience Trish draws upon and her ability to empathise with us is something that cannot be learned or emulated. We are privileged to have Trish as our Chairperson, we get the benefit of her insights from experience as well as the shared group knowledge and opinions,”

“Trish has cultivated a safe place for us as a group to share our uncomfortable business issues, problems, roadblocks and encourages us to help one another through these challenges. In this environment we can easily open up to share the good, the bad and the ugly, that we all face in our businesses. I personally cannot speak highly enough of Trish and how she has helped me so far with regard to my business.” Simon Waldren, Managing Director, Apex Wiring Solutions

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