Susanne Bransgrove

Chairs in Brisbane


Susanne Bransgrove is renowned for her passion for family businesses working extensively in this sector for many years across various countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Germany, the USA and the UK.

Growing up in Germany amidst a third-generation family business furnished Susanne with a sound foundation and comprehensive understanding relating to issues that arise regarding balancing a family business’s performance with differing requirements amongst multiple generations.

Her vision is to instil effective decision-making processes, sustainable business structure and relevant communication frameworks. This is the foundation Susanne facilitates working with family offices and family businesses resulting in a seamless interaction with family members regarding their major assets.

In recent years, she has specifically focused her attention towards supporting women in this sector and as a result Susanne is acknowledged as a leading, passionate advocate for the significant roles women play for their family and within the business.

As a keynote conference presenter and author of a diverse array of related articles, Susanne voices these issues – a stoic opinion leader balancing today’s narrative enabling better decision-making for future generations.

To generate greater awareness, Susanne established Women in Family Business ANZ, officially launching at her first conference held in Brisbane in October 2019. Since this inaugural corporate gathering of like-minded peers, substantial time and resources has been invested in future industry events.

As a daughter part of a family business, Susanne has worked tirelessly to gain her father’s recognition as a family advisor. She is now successfully positioned to implement her experience-based processes and knowledge towards creating the family and business governance structures necessary to enable the family to seamlessly transition to the next generation. This has been one of the most challenging assignments Susanne has worked on since 1998.

Her family background, combined with a corporate career building successful businesses, collectively with her passion to support the human element involved in the family enterprises, culminates in Susanne’s unique blend of skills. This enables her to establish lasting relationships and deliver meaningful outcomes for family offices and businesses.

In addition to her German degree in Banking and Finance and an Australian Bachelor of Business (Accounting), Susanne has also invested in better understanding human behaviours in general – specifically families in business.

She is an Accredited Family Advisor with Family Business Australia and a speaker/panellist at many of their conferences.

As a sought-after speaker and panellist, most recently The Global “She’s Got This Entrepreneurial Summit 2021, the African Family Firms Online Conference, Polish Family Association Conference 2020, as well as the Asia Family Office Symposium in Hong Kong, Susanne has also been published in various national magazines, highlighting her insights and recommendations for families seeking a better connection with their family and input into the family business.

Career highlight

Given my family business background and many years consulting to this sector, I decided it was timely to shift conversations on a much broader scale, so I decided to launch The Women in Family Business Network. Following the launch of my first conference, developing structured content and facilitating as a membership business, this inaugural industry event marked a significant journey compared to my normal daily work. It has been by far the most exhilarating and scary venture I have executed to date – a huge risk slowly turning into what I envisioned. Compared to all my numerous businesses, none have been as complex as this enterprise.

Why Coraggio?

“During my 14 years of owning businesses, experiencing many highs and lows and some painful lessons, I have come to appreciate the power of surrounding yourself with peers and people you trust to keep you on track and sane! It is difficult to walk a business journey alone and family or friends may not always be the best sounding boards. Coraggio’s professional approach and commitment to their members is something that continues to impress me following many years.”

To join Susanne’s Board or for more information, please kindly contact Simone Dunlop, Queensland State Manager on or call 0406 222 361.