Simone Dunlop

State Manager QLD

90 seconds interview


Simone Dunlop is an experienced business professional with 15 years working within the pharmaceutical industry, gaining a solid understanding of the internal workings of hospitals and the healthcare industry; managing Women’s Health, Dermatology, Bone Disease, Psychiatry and numerous other health portfolios. Simone’s more recent experience has been in client management for numerous advertising, branding and marketing agencies.

Career highlight

Simone has owned and run businesses in the marketing and hospitality industries, which has enabled her great insights into the opportunities and challenges facing Australian business owners.

Why Coraggio

“We help business owners grow both personally and professionally, so it is very rewarding to see their transformation. Coraggio also has very strong values that align with mine. It’s all about family and private business as the two are almost always intertwined. I have owned and run a number of businesses and while they are rewarding, they are challenging as well; its reassuring to know that there is assistance available and I enjoy helping business owners find and receive that support.”

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