Rebecca Roberts

Advisory Board Development | VIC


Rebecca Roberts started her career in 2010 in Commercial Land & Property sales where she managed a small team and successfully achieved an annual budget of $8million.

After moving to Melbourne in 2014, Rebecca moved into Business Operations for a Construction Group and oversaw the nationwide expansion and implemented systems and processes to accommodate rapid expansion of the Group.

Having spent her whole career in private business and obtaining hands on knowledge of what it takes to successfully scale business, Rebecca is now passionate about working with business owners in environments that inspire, support and challenge to transform their professional performance.

Why Coraggio

“Having always worked in private businesses with aggressive growth strategies, I have seen first hand the challenges that business owners face and how decision making can be significantly impaired when making them alone.

The environment Coraggio provides for its members is one of business focused peer support, camaraderie and accountability. Factors that are essential for the success of all businesses yet so rarely afforded to many owners. I am proud to work for an organisation that channels so many resources into the successes of its members.”


“Rebecca has been a driving force for me, to not only come on board with Coraggio, but her enthusiasm and drive has been an inspiration to what the board members strive to achieve out of Coraggio and board meetings. Her good nature has contributed tremendously to the success of the boards and through her positive approach towards members and their best interests. Rebecca is a fantastic inclusion to the wonderful team and an exceptional addition the Melbourne boards.”

Bishoy Hanna, FSC Law


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