Minna Howlett

Advisory Board Development NSW

Team Story


Minna is a growth-focused professional with more than 20+ years’ experience in Business Development and Enterprise Account Management.

With a diverse working experience spanning multinational organisations within the Information Technology and Telecommunications sectors, she has developed an in-depth understanding of challenges businesses experience on their growth journey.  Specifically, servicing Government agencies, Banking & Finance, Legal & Professional Firms, Retail Operations as well as working in a SME sector within marketing, fulfilment and distribution segments.

Minna’s strengths and focus ensures establishing lasting partnerships through streamlining business processes, uncovering operational efficiency and increased organisational and client profitability.


Career highight

Through forming a trusting partnership with a FMCG client along with a support of a capable team Minna escalated their portfolio from $900K to a $5M annual revenue, through service portfolio expansion and delivering measurable results.

Whilst she enjoyed working within a large corporate environment, she is equally motivated working with small to medium size businesses facilitating productive growth through courage and determination.

These opportunities aligned with people along the way have culminated in a plethora of invaluable skills, knowledge and business insights guaranteeing a recipe for success.


Why Coraggio

“When I first discovered Coraggio I was impressed by the structured, practical and inspirational approach they offered business leaders, owners and entrepreneurs to grow and drive their organisations to achieve the goals they set out for themselves and their businesses.

The unique peer to peer support offered by Coraggio Advisory Boards provides unbiased views, constructive challenges, accountability, and advice which are all critical elements for growth of any business in today’s environment. More importantly, these are the elements missing in overloaded, time and focus poor business leaders working in silos.”

“My extensive experience selling solutions to mid and enterprise level clients including – Banking & Finance, FMCG, Retail sector, Professional Services as well as Government departments. Additionally, I have run my own business incorporating HR and Payroll systems working collaboratively with an accountant.

I have an in-depth understanding of the IT&T core technologies in networking, system integration and cloud-based technologies, culminating in the relevance to business outcomes.

My determination, disciplined and methodical approach to solution selling are the basis of guaranteeing ensuing results.”


Talk to an Advisory Board specialist on 1300 899 006 or email info@coraggio.com.au

To contact me personally call 0410 003 230 or email minna@coraggio.com.au