Louise McKeon

State Manager NSW

Team Story


Louise McKeon spent the first part of her career in the global funds management industry. She has a proven track record in achieving sales and in building profitable new distribution opportunities across Europe and Australia. Louise worked for over a decade with Russell Investment Group, assisting the growth of this business by building strong and stable relationships with financial adviser businesses, institutional investors and superannuation funds.

Five years ago, Louise took the opportunity to start her own coaching business Real Coach| Real Change. Services included working with individuals and organisations providing executive coaching while also supporting people transitioning back into the workforce. Louise is a Gallup Certified Executive Strengths Coach.

Career highight

“Being offered the opportunity to transfer from Europe to Australia was an amazing experience for me both professionally and personally. During my first year I worked on a bold new plan between Russell Investments and ANZ Bank to bring a new breed of investing to Australia.”

Why Coraggio

“I have long known that getting expert help is something that all successful people do. Those who succeed know that in order to be their absolute best, they need to be constantly improving. And to improve, they need to learn new skills, change the way they currently do things, or change the way they look at things. I’ve been so proud to be part of the team at Coraggio as they assist businesses from a range of industries and provide a platform to share ideas and collaborate in a supportive environment. Personally I’ve also been able to learn so much from the different businesses during their journey with Coraggio.”


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