Laura Paris

State Manager VIC


Laura Paris has over 30 years of end to end new business development experience and expertise in business advisory both in the corporate and private sector.
Having worked in the Middle East, the Far East, Europe and Australasia for companies and organisations such as Japan Airlines, Gulf Air and one of the largest public service entities in the UK, Laura has a wealth of experience of various industries in how to market, sell, run and manage both people and profit margins within every industry she has been involved in.  Her main expertise is on how to “sell,” irrespective of what the product is.

Career highlight

One of the examples of this would be when she was a key contributor to generating 22 million pounds of revenue within 6 months for a start-up web design company in the north of England called Zuunet, which was then sold the following year in 2004 for 150 million pounds.

Why Coraggio

Having also owned three various businesses of her own, including leisure and hospitality businesses in Asia and a media firm in Brisbane and Melbourne, Laura is no stranger to scaling a business and knowing when to sell at the right time and for the right money. Having the contextual knowledge of key challenges with growth and technology, strategy and planning Laura now concentrates her extensive experience in constructing and compiling boards for CEO’s, business owners, peers, and thought leaders, and is constantly on the lookout for sharp minds, fresh thinking and dynamic entrepreneurship.


“I met Laura at a networking event. Her natural way of connecting and forward thinking captured me and even though I was not thinking about joining an organisation like Coraggio, Laura guided me towards it, because it was the right choice for me. Since I joined Coraggio, Laura has been my support system as part of the Melbourne team, having always my best interest at front of her mind, greeting with a big smile and making sure I do benefit at maximum from my membership and I am fully supported with Coraggio.”

Ilde Racz, Director, Antplanners


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