Elaine Davies

Elaine Davies
Advisory Board Development | Sydney

One of Elaine’s great passions is mentorship and support for everyone but especially private business owners. As she writes in her most recent book, Mind Body Sold!, without a strong mindset, skillset is purely academic.  In other words, no matter how much you know, if you don’t have the support you need to take action, things often don’t happen.

Elaine understands, first hand, that running a business can be positive and fulfilling but she also knows, that when trials and tribulations hit, it can be a lonely and challenging place to be.

So, when people automatically answer, “great” to the all too common question, “how’s business going?” Elaine knows there’s way more happening behind the scenes!

This is where Coraggio – Your Advisor Board comes in. Elaine is very excited to be representing such a strong brand and superior service that is needed in the private business sector.

A little on Elaine’s background: Elaine is Welsh-born and arrived in Australia, “the lucky country” in the mid-1990s.  Back then, her business was all about mindset and she had three books published on the subject. As well as appearing regularly on TV and radio, she wrote for seven magazines and was considered a mind-set expert during those years.  Having already worked in property in Hong Kong and Bangkok, she didn’t consider getting back into it until her divorce.

Starting from scratch, at 40 years-of-age, as a single mother, she worked as a real estate agent, auctioneer and property buyer before setting up her own business, New Road Property.

Now, she has built up her portfolio of properties to create peace-of-mind and happily lives in her house in Rozelle with her son and her cat Pizza!