Beti Krsteski

Advisory Board Development | NSW

75 seconds interview


Beti Krsteski is a strong and passionate business leader, with a reputation built on the strength of her values and her enthusiasm for building up people and business connections.

Her strategic rigour combined with her broad commercial, marketing & human capital leadership experience lead to founding an Australian recruitment and HR consultancy firm building the business fast to achieve $11 million budget annually.

Most recently having worked with business owners of all levels and of many different industries, helping them to improve operations, and igniting ‘outside of the box’ ideas to grow market share to dominating their local market.

Beti has also been recognised for her impact on women in regional business and for excellence in business development and community partnerships.

Specialities: strategic sales, business strategy, leadership, personal development, vision, values, culture, change management, business coaching, training delivery, training ROI.

Career highlight

From her start at an early age opening her first business at 17, to running the people strategy for a multinational government employment brokerage, Beti considers her role as Head of Corporate Sales nationally for Lowes Manhattan as her most rewarding and challenging scale up ever. Working within the iconic family-owned and operated Australian business Beti was able to work an aggressive growth strategy into new markets by merging the old with the new to create new customer patronage within Government agencies and private enterprise otherwise never serviced by this reputable retail chain.

Why Coraggio

“While I recognise my career journey as work in progress, I have come to understand that the momentum of personal and business success can only fully be realised when you take hold of, and leverage the nebulous of the shared human experience.

A Coraggio board room holds a hell of a lot of experience, where you take a seat on a table with like -minded business owners: people that have risked and lost, persevered and won, broke records, bent rules, and ran the long hard road of business success before you. The ideas brought to the table during the Coraggio peer to peer methodology challenge the meek and inspire the brave to make more courageous decisions in a safe and supportive environment.

As a business equation, think of it this way: for every year you are a part of Coraggio, your business -knowledge acumen is compounded by a factor of 12.”


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