Andrew Smith

Chairs in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane



Andrew Smith spent the early part of his career in education, including time as school Principal. Fifteen years ago, he took the opportunity to join 3P Learning, which was, at the time, a fledgling education start-up. As CEO of 3P Learning Australia, Andrew grew the business to market leader status, boasting a 60% school market penetration with a 95% retention rate. Leading a team of 60 people, delivering over $30m in revenue and established commercial relationships in Pakistan, India, Hong Kong and Singapore. In 2014 the company listed on the ASX as the second-largest technology float in history with a market cap valuation of $330m.

More recently Andrew Smith has started his own strategic planning, execution, coaching and leadership mentoring business. With clients ranging from sole operators to multi-million-dollar companies. Andrew specialises in designing simple and executable business strategies along with establishing an ongoing business rhythm.

Career highlight

“Being at the ASX in July 2014 for the ringing of the bell as 3P Learning listed represented the culmination of 10 years of work; its successes, mistakes and lessons learned. It wasn’t so much about the day itself, rather a chance to reflect on the journey to that point.”

Why Coraggio

“As a member of Coraggio for over 5 years prior to becoming a Chair, I can see the value proposition from both sides. The feeling of collegiality, support and camaraderie make membership a unique experience. The collective experience and knowledge of the group targeted and channelled, for each member, is priceless. I made several courageous and ultimately successful business decisions with the backing of, and subsequent accountability to, my advisory board.

It was an easy decision and subsequent transition to Coraggio Chair. I aim to ensure that at the end of each meeting, members feel they have had a worthwhile return on their investment. The combination of expert input from our guest speakers, myself, other members and the sense of ongoing commitment and accountability, deliver value. Once established, the Coraggio Advisory Board meeting becomes a non-negotiable calendar entry. It is that important.”


“Beach Burrito is NOISY and I was drowning in it. Andrew pulled my team and I back to a quiet space where we were able to realign with our purpose and define our strategy. Doing this allowed us to set out clear quarterly, monthly and weekly achievable goals which we can all work towards. His leadership has allowed me to breathe, it’s no longer all in my head fumbling around – it’s clear and it’s out there working for me.”

Blake Read, CEO and Founder, Beach Burrito Company

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