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Serge Romano Melbourne Chair

What is it about Coraggio’s market offering do you think appeals most to people considering becoming a Member?

“I like to call it the Board you have when you don’t have a board. You cannot do things on your own, there are aspects of your business that you need assistance with, and you cannot have the answers to everything.

The market offering that Coraggio provides to people, is expertise in many areas on a Board table from other likeminded people that have experienced the same things that you are experiencing.”

What is the moment in your career that you are most proud of?

“The proudest moment in my business career would be building the franchise model together with my brother in a company called Movieland, which we built to 145 stores, Australia wide and sold it to a competitor in the 2000’s.”

Do you think there is a certain character trait to cultivate success in business and in life?

“The most important character trait today is a word called resilience. I believe that it’s something we lack.

I think if you look at the most successful people in business around the world, resilience is something that they had and it is not something that is given, you must work at it. I think its something that must be in your DNA if you want to succeed in business, in life in any kind of capacity including, friends and family.”

What business advice would you share with yourself 10 years ago if given the opportunity?

“Trust your instincts and go with what you absolutely and genuinely believe in. Because its ok to fail, if you’re not going to fail, you are not going to succeed.

There was always trepidation in my mind along the journey but understand your capabilities and believe in what you’re doing.”

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Explore membership today! Find out how our proven program can assist you build a better business and become a better leader.

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