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Michelle Laforest Sydney Chair

One word to describe what our members get out of a Coraggio Advisory Board

“One word that I believe our members get out of Coraggio is Supercharged. This is because they get an amazing scaling up opportunity through the advice and trusted experience of others on the Board.”

What do our new members get out of a Coraggio Advisory Board?

“I think there are number of factors that lead to a successful Coraggio Board. Firstly, it is bringing your own experience and speaking up about that. It is listening very carefully to others and what they have to say. It is trusting that Board and being highly accountable, that when you have that ‘Aha’ moment, when someone gives you some advice or input into your situation that you go away and execute.”

Would you like to be a part of this?

Become an integral Member of a confidential group of business owners sharing their insights and experiences for the benefit of your business? Imagine how your business would prosper from connecting with a broader community consisting of more than 400 high performing and driven industry leaders!

Explore membership today! Find out how our proven program can assist you build a better business and become a better leader.

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