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Donovan Wearne Sydney & Melbourne Chair

Describe in one word, what do members get out of a Coraggio Advisory Board?

“The one word I would use to describe what a member gets out of Coraggio is Accountability.

The difficulty in being your own boss is holding yourself to account and its human nature to be kind to ourselves and let things slip, we get distracted by the urges and put off the important till later, and we like doing the things we enjoy doing and are good at, at the expense of those things that take us out of our comfort zone.

The point of a Coraggio Board is that it helps it members be accountable to the things they set out they wanted to do to make a difference in their business and by keeping people on point and focusing on these priorities, it allows them to achieve things and achieve the outcomes they’re looking for and get the business improvements which otherwise would be possible.”

What makes a successful Coraggio Board?

“I compare building a Coraggio Board to building a successful or great team. The other thing about Coraggio is that there must be a safe place where people can go to get fearless objective advice, with no other interest other than helping each other be a success and to help them grow their businesses.

So, in building this team, one of the elements that you certainly need is diversity, and by that I mean diversity of experience, background, industry, exposure, etc but the critical elements are to develop trust and mutual respect.

So it is the Chair’s role to create trust and mutual respect and create this environment where Board members can learn, grow and build their businesses together and turn up hoping to be inspired and motivated by each other.”

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